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New Disney Princess Challenge

Young adult woman passing through town has claimed abandoned lot feared by locals for years. No one had dared to get close to it, let alone enter ever since the previous and only owner moved out of town.

"If they expect me to deliver her mail, I'm quitting. I love my life too much to just give it all up for a simple job," said Pam, Oasis Springs' mail carrier. "I have three kids I need to take care of and I'm not leaving them without a mom. I'll find another job even if it means we have to move!"

"It's a free lot, what could you possibly be afraid of?" replied Harmony, new owner of the abandoned lot. She wouldn't give any more details to as where she came from and what brought her here.

This has caused a stir between the locals and even those coming all the way from Willow Creek. No one knows much about the previous owner, he was a loner and barely talked to anyone. Some believe he lived underground, others believed him to be non-human. Rumors started spreading out after the previous owner left. There are many different stories about the lot and in the end we can only hope they are just that - rumors - for Harmony's sake.

Kingson Family
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The crew renovated Luigi Arcade, the only lot in Newcrest. The walls inside were taken down leaving two rooms so more teens could fit inside.

"I think it's the place where the cool teens like to go. I had been waiting for a place like that ever since I grew up and I'm so excited I found it. I was actually thinking of robbing a bank to make it myself before I heard about it from my online gamer friends," Bijou Kingson shares, Oasis Springs' teen. "You won't add that last part in the article, will you? My parents are going to freak if they find out!"

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COMING SOON Roswell Town
Rob Roy, author of paranormal books has come to town. The kind of mysterious author that no ones has seen and no one knows where he lives.
"I think people might want to read the books, these are not your ordinary stories," promoted Maddox Teague, Rob's publisher. "His work will make you think, if you know what I mean."
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Max's Books (as Rob Roy)
After running away from the alien hunters, Max and Liz have gone back for Zan. They've found a safe place to live while they find a way home.
Seven strangers have entered the Red House for seven weeks, who will stay until the end?
"I've come here to win, not to make friends!" Alec Bynum shared with us before entering the house.