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Thursday, June 11, 2015

DP - Unfairness

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We're having a small party at home for Aspen. He invited his friends, Rosie brought Harry and Grace couldn't miss it. Forest called Tia Crespo; the creative, art lover girl he met at the Zoo. They've been talking a lot lately but this is the first time she comes to the house. The world is a small place because it turns out, Tia is one of Aspen's friend's sister.

He thinks he's all grown up, he wants to have a drink. Little bro, enjoy your party because this is only the beginning. Once you leave the toys behind, you won't go back to them. Well, maybe Rosie does still play with them but she's different.

I made grilled cheese for the guests and the chocolate cake is still in the fridge, I don't want the kids poking it. Forest, leave some for the others, didn't you eat lunch?

Here come the kids, I hope they like my food. Are you ready for the games? I think we're going to have a good time today. See the kid in the orange? That's Tia's brother.

We got to play musical chairs first, Bijou lost and the kids are figuring out who's going next. This is the first party where we've all played together. I like spending time with my crazy family.

Aspen didn't like it, Harry, dad and Ebony are cheating. Dad wouldn't move and Tia's brother lost, I hope it doesn't ruin Forest's relationship with her. I better go bring the cake now, the games are over.

Hey you two! Not here, move along, go find something else to do. I know it's not a secret anymore but don't hug her in front of me or we'll have to go outside, or back inside.

The last boy in the house is becoming a teen. Pearl is the baby of the family and will continue to be spoiled by all of us. Welcome to the real world Aspen. I'll be here for whatever you need; word of advice, come to me first if it's about girls.

Care to tell us what you wrote on your list? Just like mom and Forest, Aspen loves the outdoors but he wants to be a musical genius and play the piano like dad. You have everything you need; we have a piano and a great teacher to help you out.

The twins got dad to buy them equipment for their workout routines. Bijou always has this evil ideas and I don't even want to know what she's planning now. I just hear her yelling as she starts her routine and threatening everyone. On moments like that, I just stay out of her way.

I think dad always hoped for one of us to play the piano. He was happy when Forest wanted a violin but you can see him being excited that Aspen is practicing. He told him he'd be a great pianist in no time, it's like he was born for this. I honestly think he just tells him that so he doesn't give up.
Pearl wants to go to this camp she found while trolling teh forums, she makes it sound like we're all old and boring saying she needs to be around kids her age. I blame Rosie, she spends so much time with Harry instead of playing with her.
Mom feels sad, she doesn't want to let her baby go by herself. We talked to her, she'll be back soon and it'll be good for her. She'll be fine, it's like she doesn't remember letting Rosie go on vacation with the neighbors as a child. That's what you get for being the oldest!

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