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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DP - It's a Hard Life

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It's a hard life


I'm just an insane, neat teen with a long term goal of finding my soulmate. I'm Ash, the second child and first son of Harmony and Rylan Kingson and I'm the heir. My mom gave me this album so I could add important things about my life until I pass it on. Growing up, there was a place I could never go but we didn't know why. I was asked to read this album and afterwards my mom told me I was ready to know everything about our family. She makes it sound like the lot is cursed, I wasn't allowed to see the knight until after my birthday so I'll do that soon. If I understood correctly, in order to fix certain things that happened in the past, our family has to live here until our tenth generation while achieving different tasks. I think I'll befriend the knight, I'm sure I'll get him to change his mind.

First night and already I spent cleaning toilets and mopping, I'm the last one up and I'm not finished. I start high school tomorrow and I have homework, this will be hard work. I redecorated my room and painted the walls, it's time to grow up.

My first cooking attempt, salad for dinner. I ordered pizza for lunch because we were all very hungry and there was no time to come up with something. Mom says I should practice with easy things before I use the stove. She even bought me a cooking book so I could learn but I don't even know if I'll have time to read it.

Rosie has been spending a lot of time with Harry lately, he even comes over to the house. I think this is no longer just friendship but no one else seems to notice.

Aspen was playing with the chemistry set and caused a fire. I'm telling my parents to put it away, it's caused enough accidents. Mom was telling everyone to get out of the room while I put it out. The fire didn't spread and everyone is fine but it did leave marks on the carpet. As if I need more things to clean.

It's Forest's birthday and he wanted a pool party. My dad really likes to party, he lets us choose the place and doesn't care about how much he'll spend.

I'm serious, there's something going on between these two. I need to talk with Harry and ask him, I've got to make sure my sister is safe.

I'm so hungry I could eat the whole cake right about now. Forest better get here fast before I decide to take a bite.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I didn't do anything to your cake."

Oh Forest, you should have stayed a kid longer, growing up is not easy. I don't know why my parents go easy on Rosie, probably because she's their favorite. Maybe because she's a girl and their first born.

"Aspen! Get down from there before you break something!" That kid is a handful, my parents give him too much freedom.

He wanted a violin so that was his gift; he says he'll be a professional violinist when he's older. I don't know how an outdoor lover, computer whiz will manage to accomplish that. He even wants to get a job, I don't think he'll have time to do everything. I thought Rosie had high expectations.

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  1. Replies
    1. He is! :D I was so happy when he finally became a teen, the second generation had officially began.

    2. Oh man, i just checked the generation 2 rules. I can't believe Harmony has to die before Ash gets married, that's so sad!

    3. I know! In a way I want Ash to get married and have kids already but knowing that has to happen makes me not want it to happen yet.