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Monday, June 8, 2015

DP - Double the Muscle

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Double the muscle

I think Grim likes our parties, he always shows up. Maybe the real curse is for him to follow us everywhere and eventually take us all one by one.

The twins love animals and there's a lot to see here. Bijou went with Elsa to see the different animals, she even named them. I think Elsa misses her son now that he's a teen and he's mostly at our house, she must be lonely.

Grace and I spent some alone time by the llamas. She said she likes my family because there's always someone to talk to. She's an only child and she always felt sad, her parents worked all the time and she was always alone. When she first came she was looking for roommates but the first house she found was a small one. She waited a while and since no one else answered her ad, she moved in on her own. It gets lonely at times which is why she went dancing the day I met her, to go see who else lived around here and find friends.

Come on people, make room for the birthday girls. Rosie, you should be taking pictures of the twins not selfies! I worked hard on that cake, I don't want it to go to waste, what's taking them so long?

Okay, now, where's Bijou? Aspen, put that away, it's not time yet! Why are things not going as planned?

Smile! One last picture of the two of you as kids in your matching outfits. Bijou, be nice, you'll get your turn to be in front of the cake. She is older, even if it's only for a couple of minutes.

The perfect shot and Elsa is in it as well. Here we go Ebony, ready to become a teen. No boyfriends, I'll make sure of it!

Happy birthday Bijou! Did you make a wish? The same goes for you, I hope you didn't wish for boys.

I think my parents pushed Ebony too far wanting her to have a lot of friends. She now hates being around others and thinks everyone is dangerous. In a way it helps me, that means no talking to boys but she'll never want to go anywhere and will never want to have people at the house, not even Grace.

The twins are very different but that doesn't mean they don't like the same things, even if it's strange. Compared to the insane, loner twin, Bijou is the evil, geek one. Still, they're always together and they both want to be bodybuilders. They have a lot of work to do because they are very skinny. I'm not saying I'm not but at least I don't want to have a body that I know will take me my whole life to get.

It's very late, Aspen is really tired but he's still smiling. Let's go home little bro, time for bed, it was a crazy party. Most of the guests already left, the only one I can't find is Forest. The zoo will be closing and he's going to get stuck inside, I better go find him.

Looks like he met a girl. Way to go Forest, I will no longer hear him say he's lonely too. I just hope that's not her boyfriend coming over here, he looks mad. I'm assuming since they're laughing it means she's single but I'll go get them before something goes wrong.

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  1. Oh cool, I love the idea of having a zoo!

    1. It's a very cool lot, at first I didn't know how big it'd be with only two kinds of animals but they used all available :D