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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DP - Awaiting the Answer

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Awaiting the answer

My family has been comfortable with Grace coming over, except Ebony obviously but I still like to go outside to talk to her. Things are quiet out here and no one listens to what we talk about. Since it's a weekday and I'm really busy in the house I can't pick her up but she doesn't mind coming over on her own.

I was cooking dinner when she knocked and Bijou opened the door for her. As soon as she turned her back, mom ran and started talking to her, I actually invited her over so she could go with us. The twins want to go to the gym and work out a bit, the treadmill is not enough for them. Forest didn't want to go with me because he has to go to sleep early and I have to go to make sure guys stay away from my little sisters.

I'm glad you wanted to come with us, I know it's not the best place.
She's excited to come, there's so much she hasn't seen and she's happy she won't have to do it alone. Ebony wouldn't wait for Bijou, she just ran off inside, she's anxious to start.

You can do it Ebony! If you're not sweating, it's not working. This is only the beginning, things will get easier in the future.
I think she needs to eat more, I'm going to make better meals for the both of them.

Bijou thinks this is easy, she's been running at home but I don't think she'll feel the same on arm day.

Whoa bro, what time did you get up? Things didn't go as expected on your first day?
Forest has a job at the local coffee shop; he made $80 simoleons today, the bad thing is he has to be there at 5 am. He was looking for a weekend job but didn't pay attention and took the barista position he found online. Turns out he works Monday through Friday and gets home right before school starts.

Dad had a party today, they planned everything while we were in school. It's a grown up party so the kids were sent to their rooms. I cooked for them while Forest made them drinks. It was not a very fun party, they just talked about newspapers and zebras, and they say we're weird. Harry and Grace were not allowed to come today so it was only us waiting for them to leave. Ebony was not happy all these grown ups were in the house, I told her to go outside and relax, things would be over soon.

It's Friday night, I made dinner and after everyone went to sleep I called Grace and asked her out on a date. Today will either be the happiest day of my life or the worst, depending on her answer. Yes, today I'm asking her to be my girlfriend. I brought her to a restaurant that opens all night.

We talked for a while and listened to the entertainer but I think it's time to make my move. I was hoping she wouldn't move away, we've been having a great time hanging out and I want to keep seeing her. We just had dinner, the night is just beginning and when she comes back from the restroom, we're going to go for a walk.

The moment I saw you dancing, I knew I had to come talk to you. You say you like my family because there is always someone there but I was feeling lonely until I met you.

She said yes! My now girlfriend, Grace was very happy and told me she has been feeling the same way. It was not only because of my family she kept going to my house but also because she wanted to see me. I knew the lot wasn't really cursed.

First date, first girlfriend, only thing missing was our first kiss. Just as it was time to go home and share the news with the family. Actually, that will have to wait until they wake up.

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