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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DP - Problems Everywhere

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Problems everywhere

Mom, let her have fun. She's going over to Trace's house, not the bachelor. What? We might not have a tv but Grace likes to talk about it.
Tia's brother invited her over to his house, his mom called and said it was okay. Mom as usual is telling her to behave; no running inside the house, no eating outside the kitchen, no yelling and no fighting. Being a parent sounds complicated.

Um that's not a good idea bro. They are only friends and he's yelling at her for no reason, that will never get him anywhere. She'll end up leaving if he doesn't do something fast.

Aspen bought cards with the money he's earned and he asked us to play. Tia invited Forest over to her house, I guess his apology worked, so it's only us at home and while the twins are babysitting and mom waters her plants we agreed to spend some time together. Hurry up Aspen, just put the card down, we all know I'm going to win.

It's very peaceful right now with only us. Harry didn't come over today, turns out he was talking to Bijou. I don't see a problem but Rosie still thinks there's something weird about it. Anyway, Aspen won earlier and I made dinner just as dad was getting home. He's asking who's bringing Pearl over, it's too late for her to be out.
Forest is there too, she'll come home with him. Bad luck for him, taking his baby sister to his date's house can't be a good start.
No mom. I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it.

Babysitting is not as easy as Ebony thought, the girl she takes care of was a handful today but she managed to work things out with her. The mom was so pleased with the way she handled things, she's recommending Ebony at the daycare. They pay more so of course Ebony is happy with that, even if she has to be in charge of more kids at once.

Hey bro, how did it go at Tia's? Were you able to be alone with her?
What do you mean that's not the important part?
Wait, did Tia tell you that? She doesn't like Grace because she thinks there's something strange going on with her? Grace has never mentioned anything, what else did she say? Well, I can't be with her the whole time, I'm usually cooking for all of you or cleaning. You're the one that spends time with Tia. How can she not like Grace? She's so sweet and is always in a good mood, everybody likes her.

Forest said he met Tia's mom last night.
What's wrong? Don't you like her? I think she's a nice girl and Forest seems to like her. You know I don't talk to her much, we never talk about her so you can't be jealous.
What do you have against my brother? He hasn't done anything to you. He even left us alone that day we met so we could talk. He went with me and he told me to go talk to you while he stayed at the bar alone!
What do we do now?

She convinced me that he's my brother, she doesn't mind if I hang out with him but I still don't know why she doesn't like him. I'm in love and after she got upset I realized I didn't want to let her go so I gave her a promise ring and she accepted it. I won't tell Forest I talked to her, she understands it's my family and nothing will ever change that.

Alright Forest! It was about time.
Even if Grace doesn't agree with me, I still think Tia and Forest are perfect for each other and if they think so too, I support them. Now he just needs one more thing, to ask her to be his girlfriend.

I came home last night and still had to clean up around the house and cook some meals for the family. Forest talked with Tia all evening; he didn't do homework, didn't sleep enough and still feels great. All they do is mind their own things, once they have their own house they'll understand what it's like to be me.

This is ridiculous! We can't let Rosie end things just because she has issues. We all talked about it and we're trying to get them to work things out. Forest tried talking to them but it didn't go well. I don't like to see Rosie like that but I know Harry isn't doing anything wrong.

That's the last time I let Pearl be around when we talk. If she brings mom into the whole Rosie and Harry thing she'll just complicate things. Mom will obviously go to Rosie first and won't want to hear any explanations, all she cares about is how we feel and if she thinks Rosie is sad and having doubts about Harry, she'll side with her. But who knows if Rosie will find someone that loves her even when she's feeling gloomy, Harry really gets her.

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