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Saturday, June 27, 2015

DP - Helping Out

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Helping out

Our geek sister, Bijou, told us about a new place she found online and wanted to come. It's very far from our house but she said it was where all the cool teens liked to go. Cool teens? She thinks she's cool? Anyway, we came with her to Luigi Arcade and invited Tia, Grace and our plan involves getting Harry to come with us without Rosie knowing.

The next part of the plan before mom finds out anything else is up to Ebony. She's going to remind them what it was like when they first started hanging out as kids.
I didn't tell Forest what Grace thinks, he wants them to get along and is always looking for the best excuse to include her in their conversation without knowing she doesn't want to have anything to do with either of them.

Grace didn't want to sit with them and I couldn't let her sit on her own. I really wanted to watch tv since we don't have one at home but love makes you do things you wouldn't do otherwise. If mom finds out what's happening she'll either want to talk to her or ask me what I think it's happening and if I plan on doing something. I don't want that responsibility.

We're done trying to fix things for today. We can't worry about it all the time, we came here to have fun according to Bijou. Aspen wanted to play against her and see who wins, he's very competitive. Dance Ebony, you did a good job even if Harry and Rosie are still not speaking to each other.

Time to go Forest, it's a long way and she still has to go home. Everyone left already, I can't leave you two here.
Things are going great between them, I think it's best if they don't find out Grace doesn't like them. It doesn't affect them, I'm sure she'll change her mind soon.

I'm glad Pearl has someone to play. She can't always go out with us because she has an earlier curfew and we don't spend much time with her; we all have things to do. Aspen got promoted, he doesn't work with plants anymore but still works outside. He gets to drive a backhoe and says it's really fun. He sits around most of the time so of course it's fun for him. He's that lazy, he found the perfect job for him.
What is Jack doing here? I don't think Harry told him anything but if mom found out and she told Elsa... Could he be here to talk to mom and dad about it? Why do they insist on controlling our lives?

The twins wanted to take up boxing and we ran into Grim at the gym. I'm serious, I think he's just waiting for the precise moment when one of us... Ooh I wonder if he'll start with the oldest or the youngest... Who was sitting on seat I25?

Tia and Grace just got here, we called them and told them we were coming. Aspen wanted to try talk some sense into Rosie but if this doesn't work out, I think the one that will be able to fix things is Bijou. Why didn't we think of that earlier? Everybody stop, I have another idea, I'll be back.

This is so not what I had in mind! That better be the gym trainer, he's too old for her and she shouldn't even go around talking to guys. She's here to work out like Ebony is doing. It's hard enough for her to be out with so many strangers, they could be doing this at home but Bijou wants to get out of the house.

I'm going to make him think we're a boxing family. Forest, go grab the other gloves and come join me.
No, Tia, it is not cute that she has a crush on an older guy, go talk to her and bring her over here. I hope she's just telling him how she works at the daycare now that Ebony put in a good word for her.

Tia accepted to be Forest's girlfriend; that's one thing off the family list. I didn't even get to tell Bijou about my plan, I'll talk to her tomorrow and then we'll have to wait and see if she makes Rosie think things through.

I'm really happy for them but sometimes I can't help but feel sad. There are times I think they take advantage of me, couldn't they help me clean as well? Why do I have to do all the work?

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