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Thursday, July 2, 2015

DP - Don't Trust Anyone

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Don't trust anyone

Forest can't stop smiling, he already told everyone about last night. Everyone got really excited and said nice things about Tia. I can't help but worry about Grace not liking them, I'm not going to end things with her but sometimes I feel like I have to do something. I haven't talked to the knight in a long time, maybe he'll help me make Grace be nice to my family.

Grace invited us over to her house. She didn't want Forest to come so I had to make something up; Tia stopped by our house and that's when I told them we were going out. Rosie and Harry are supposed to stop by later, we're waiting for them so Bijou can tell them how things happened. Harry is acting strange because he's been so stressed out with school and Bijou was just listening to him. They weren't even alone, it all happened at Aspen's party. I'm sure that will make Rosie understand. It was all a misunderstanding.

That's the guy that tried to get close to Ebony last time, what is he doing here?! What do you mean he lives here, Grace? You knew and didn't tell me? I don't care that his name is Wayne Champion or that he's a music lover! See, he's a snob, he's definitely not good for Ebony, I'm going to go get her, let go of me!

Okay, okay, I'm calmed now. Wait! Him too! Are you going to tell me he lives here too? Are you sure you didn't know? If I find out you lied to me... All I know is he's the trainer, Curtis something from what I heard. He's probably married, I'll figure it out soon, I know where he lives now.

GRIM! Am I first?! Oh, dad! You scared me, why are you dress like that? A costume party with your friends sounds nice.
Mom dressed as a waitress, I didn't know she always wanted to be one. She's always been home I thought she didn't like to work and blamed it on us so we wouldn't think she's lazy. I know she's not but it was a thought.

Who are you talking to? Don't throw me out!
I suspect is the guy that lives next door to Grace. I know they're not little kids anymore but they can wait a little longer. Once they grow up they can see and hang out with as many guys as they want. No one will be good enough for them but there's only so much I can do. I can't scare them all off; so far I haven't been successful. I can hear you giggling in there Ebony! Ask him why he's hiding, I haven't seen him around here after that day.

Bijou wasn't in school today, I don't know why she skipped classes but she picked the wrong day; dad has the day off. Mom told me he got mad at first but she made up some fake illness and he comforted her. Dad is so nice, I wouldn't let my kids off the hook so easily. Mom also found a great opportunity so dad and Bijou could spend time together. She told me we don't spend time with them as much as we did when we were kids, like I'll forget when she says that all the time. We're here all day, she should try living with Harry, I know he's never home.

Bijou was able to convince Rosie there's nothing going on with Harry. She also told her instead of coming to conclusions, she should talk to him to see what's wrong. You don't find a guy like that everywhere, she should find him and ask for his explanation.

Mom got Aspen interested in gardening and she's asking for new plants. If he finds any new ones on his way home, he should bring them right away. Our garden will be huge soon and I know it takes a lot of work but guess who'll have to take care of it in the future? Of course I'll have to. Nobody consults me, they just give me more work.

NO! You can't come to our house, I haven't investigated yet and my parents won't like that you come see a teenager. I could have you arrested, I need to find a cop first. I've never run into one, maybe there aren't any around here.

I tried to get him to leave, I was about to go fight with him but dad opened the door. He pretended to be Bijou's boxing teacher and left right away. I knew things were getting out of hand, the moment he stepped foot on my house, he challenged me to battle.
The coffee maker is my friend, he's the only one that gets me. Even the knight doesn't want to help me, he never does what he says he will.

Coma is right, that's what I call the coffee maker. I can't have too many problems at the same time, it's not healthy. I'm giving Wayne a chance, at least he's our age, but I have to be there at all times; it's my only condition.

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