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Thursday, July 9, 2015

DP - Like A Big Pizza Pie

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Like a big pizza pie

What are you all doing in here? Mom! You have to come see this, I found something that will surprise you. You'll never guess... Why not? It's important, why are my ideas never important? No, I'll be busy later, just forget it.

Then there was a sound, so loud it woke everyone up. He came out of the water, very hungry since he had been lost for years and hadn't eaten since. He came looking for any kind of food but little kids were his favorite...
No dad, she'll be alright, it's just a story I heard about a guy that came here last time.

This is our second day and we've all been doing our own thing but we did promise mom we'd spend some time together once a day. Dad started playing the piano and we love his songs. What better way to spend family time than watching dad play.

We're eating outside today because the moon looks so big. I didn't get a picture of it but this whole place is just awesome! I wonder if Grace and I could come here sometime. It is so romantic and I just see us on one of the boats with someone singing to us while he guides it through the lake.

This is our third day here and we have a surprise for you. We know you haven't been on a date in a long time and you've been taking care of all of us. Now, we want you to have a night for just the two of you. We brought you here so you can have dinner, go dancing or drinking if you want. Don't worry about us, we'll take care of each other and we'll see you in the morning. Enjoy!

We were looking for something to do with Pearl before her birthday tomorrow. We came to the kids' room thinking it was the best place to find something she'd enjoy. We found scrabble and decided to play together; this is only for four players so we teamed up.
Forest completed 'desk', Pearl made 'sky', Bijou made 'blood', Ebony got 'black', Rosie added 'us' and I was able to get 'cactus'! I think Spikey misses me, I didn't even say goodbye. If he had a phone I'd call him everyday as well.
Aspen, don't put 'yawn', I think I just won. How does this work? We've never played before.

It's Thursday and that means it's Pearl's birthday! I made her a strawberry cake and we're having a family party. Pearl spend the day playing chess, playing the piano and reading a book. After that, mom asked her if she knew what she had in mind for her teenage years and went through her list with her. We don't know yet what she picked but in a couple of hours she'll let us know. I like this little tradition we have, I think I'm going to continue that with my kids. After we blow out the candles, we gather everyone and tell them what we want to accomplish when we grow up and how we're going to get it.

Pearl likes that our house is clean whenever I'm there and she's now a neat, hot-headed teen. But she also has high aspirations like Rosie. I understand they each have their reasons, Rosie grew up in a home without walls and Pearl was born into a castle. I guess fortune is very important to them. Pearl wants to be fabulously wealthy but unlike Rosie, she just wants to have a lot of money. I don't really see the big deal, as long as Grace is with me I'm happy.

Everyone sit down, the movie is starting! It's Friday night and our first movie night! It's about a couple that gets lost in a city that looks like this place and they end up falling in love with others. If Grace and I ever come here, I hope that doesn't happen to us.

Forest found a club downtown on one of his afternoon walks and since we're celebrating that Pearl is now a teen, we all came on our last night to dance. The club is in the basement, I really like how you can add a whole place without it taking space and you have it out of sight. I'm already thinking of several changes I'll make to our house once I get a job.

Aspen found a pomegranate while he went fishing on a pond he saw on his way home last time. Since the whole vacation came up he forgot and kept it in his room. Today after we had all gone to our rooms to unpack and get back to reality he saw it and told mom about it. She wants him to plant it so he can learn. You dig a small hole, you put the seed and then cover it with dirt. After that you water it and wait until it grows like the others.

We have school tomorrow and Pearl wanted to be ready for her first day in high school. The twins went to work, we came back just in time for their shift at the daycare. Mom had to get back to writing, she spent a whole week not doing that and she's now behind on her published books. Dad still has his two normal days off, he just came and updated his song licenses and doesn't have anything else to worry about. As for me, I have to start cooking dinner and get breakfast ready. My life is the hardest!

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