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Friday, July 31, 2015

DP - Married Life

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Married life

Forest found the job of his dreams and all he does is make apps and video games. He's shared with me over the years some of his ideas and I have to say they are pretty good. He always imagined himself being the best video game producer and that's why he's waiting to marry Tia - he wants to have his company first so he can afford a new house and start a family.
The twins's went out to celebrate their birthday on their own. I don't really think they went by themselves but I was too tired to argue with them. Either way mom reminded me that they are now old enough to make their decisions and there was nothing I could do about it.

Jack came over today, we hadn't seen him in a while but he's doing a lot better. I had to hide so they wouldn't tell me to leave, I couldn't miss this. Turns out Jack talked with Elsa after Harry moved out. They've been married for a long time, they do love each other but sometimes being inside the house with each other can get a bit tiring. She wanted to do something different and that led her to flirt with other men. She encouraged him to do the same but not get divorced. Jack found someone, I don't think he's ready to tell my dad her name but he's happy.

I have a feeling Wayne wants to speed things up. He has been nice to the family and mom seems to really like him but he's very smart; he knows what to say and what to keep to himself. He made sure mom heard he's family oriented and a music lover, obviously amazing traits for this family but kept quiet on being a snob. I don't know if Ebony is ready to go with him, she still gets uncomfortable when he shows up unannounced.

We came to visit Rosie but that wasn't the only reason I came over. Her house is the only one on this street and I couldn't pass up the chance to fix that. I didn't come here to build houses but to make an offer on the lots, they will be perfect for my brothers and sisters when they move out. I'm not paying for it either, I'm just letting them think I am and leaving it all up to the others.
Grace, I'm not going to choose for them, if Forest doesn't want to go to the last lot it's not up to me if he picks it first. We'll visit him either way. Fine, I'll come visit him and Tia!

I don't see why you would think I'm kicking anyone out, it's not like I've mentioned it to anyone. Yes, I know it's still your home as well even if I'm the heir and I'm responsible for a lot of things here. No, I know I don't contribute with money and I have no say in who gets to live here and who gets to move out. But dad, did you hear Marley invited Aspen over to her house? They just met and haven't talked much, she must really like him. I don't think you get the point, let me tell you how we met her...

You both tried out for the team mascot! Which colors did they like best? I think I like Ebony's purple costume better, sorry Bijou but I don't think the grey was the best choice. Oh, right... I had to take advantage of the treadmill while you were out. I need to exercise more now that I eat everything I cook. I can't help it, everything is just so delicious!
The twins have a job and will be out of the house most of the day on most days. Grown up life is tough, they might not even have much time left to hang out with their boyfriend and Curtis.
Things for Pearl at work aren't going well, her mood doesn't help her. She might need to learn how to relax more and stop getting so angry at everyone. So what if they forgot the receipt, just take the item back, it's that easy.

This is the place! I knew you were going to love it mom, it's like it was made just for you.
Aspen and Pearl are still in school for another hour and when the others were leaving for work I brought mom to the Farmer's Market. We invited Rosie to come with us and met her here. I heard they have all kinds of plants, edible and the flower kind. But not only that, we can also help tend to them and harvest when they're ready.

Before we see what this place has to offer we're catching up, Rosie is telling us how married life is treating her, she says she couldn't be happier. She felt a little tired earlier but she's much better now; we called at the right time. Harry thinks he found the perfect job but it's still something they're discussing as a couple before they tell us more about it.

Mom is so excited, she'd live here if it were up to her. She's been watering some vegetables and can't wait to get to the flowers. Rosie mostly looks, I don't think gardening was ever her thing but she was glad to be out of the house and get some fresh air. We're thinking of getting a couple of seeds for our garden but not everything is ready. The owner said he'll tell us when it's time, he's going to let us choose one seed each because it's our first time. I'm going with basil; it'll help me make better dishes, I can already taste it. Mom says she'll wait until something else is ready, she wants to make sure she picks something special.

Mom, look at these trees! They also have a great variety and some are really cool looking. I had to get in on the fun, I'm going to water them and ask the owner what each one is. I recognize some because we have them at home but others are so rare and you don't find them everywhere.

We came back - Rosie went home to have dinner with Harry - and the only one here was Aspen. Pearl left for work before we got here and the others haven't been home all day. We're eating outside for a change, having dinner in the kitchen when it's only us three didn't seem right.
Aspen, how did it go at Marley's place last time? We haven't had a chance to talk about it but we've been wanting to know ever since you got home that day.
Nothing much happened apparently, Marley just wanted to hang out with him as friends and go over some things from class. I don't think Aspen is the one to go for that, he might have an A but that doesn't mean he does every assignment.

Today is Aspen's birthday and Rosie was the first one here. She sounded so excited over the phone but didn't tell us why, it was supposed to be a surprise. She's pregnant and mom is in shock, in a good way. That's why she was feeling tired last time, she didn't know it yet but she was already expecting a baby. Harry will be here soon but he's so excited he's already thinking about names. I'm going to be an uncle. I don't know if I'm ready for this, I can't handle more responsibilities...

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  2. First grandchild on the way! So happy for Rosie! Also, I can't get over how sweet your family is - they always seem to support one another!

    1. I still can't believe she's having / had a baby! I think having a good, cheerful Sim as a founder really had something to do with their kids being great with each other even with all the bad traits. They might take it out on others and sometimes with each other but in the end they make up. :)

  3. Yeah, I wonder about this. For I have not seen much with them angery with their bothers or sister. Though that maybe that they have when they do not want a sibling at first.

    1. They don't fight with each other much, it's not allowed in the house lol. They usually take it out on the stuffed animal, Bijou is always hitting it for no reason (she's evil) and Rosie had a bad relationship with it. I never knew why, she had the gloomy trait. Pearl went to hit the bear as well whenever she was angry.