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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DP - Beyond Our Imagination

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Beyond our imagination

How to feel about it? The girls seem excited, Aspen is upset, Forest could think of something better and dad is hoping we like the idea.
Where are we going? You could have given us more time, we can't just leave like that. They have to tell their bosses, we have to pack and we have a lot of things to do here. We have to tell our girlfriends, boyfriend and Ebony's friend. What were you expecting from us?

We're leaving on Sunday. Mom said we need a vacation as a family and it'll be a great place to spend Pearl's birthday. We'll be gone a whole week but I'll call you everyday and I'll think of you every second. She didn't tell us where we're going, it's supposed to be a surprise, they didn't get the best reaction from us; things didn't go as they hoped. It's only us, don't worry, Tia won't be there but that doesn't mean you can't hang out with her. Well, it's up to you, I had to give it a shot.

We're coming, we're coming. Pearl, why did you change when we're about to leave? Didn't you just get here from Trace's birthday party?
It's almost six and we were supposed to leave thirty minutes ago. Only mom and dad are ready, I think Aspen is still sleeping, he came home from work and was too tired, he's always tired. The girls are probably still not ready, their bags aren't even ready yet, dad must have brought them here. I have no idea why Pearl would come out dressed like that, not a good idea when mom has been yelling for the past 20 minutes.

If we would've known we were coming here, we might have been excited. Pearl still can't believe she's here for her birthday, it doesn't matter if her friends won't be here, she still thinks mom and dad are the coolest for giving her this present. Where are we staying?

I'll sleep here, you can sleep with Forest on that bed. I have to wake up early and you might get to sleep more if we don't share the bed.
The rooms are small but the beds are really comfortable. Since there's three of us, I get a bed for myself while they share the other one. I like being the oldest boy sometimes.

Wow, you're room is even smaller! I guess you don't need more than one bed, besides we'll only come here to sleep. There's a lot of things to see and I know you can't wait to get some family time, am I right mom?

The girls got the biggest room, they have three beds in here even though they only need two. Bijou got to share the bed with Pearl while Rosie and Ebony each have their own. Bijou doesn't seem to mind though. Being here is just so nice, no school, no guy trouble, no arguments. We did need this vacation.

Mom, I don't think this is a hotel, there are no bathrooms. I shouldn't have to climb downstairs just to go, what about the showers? No, I checked and there's only one upstairs.
Pearl, is it my turn to watch tv? It's not my fault we don't have one at home, ask mom and dad for one.

This is definitely not a hotel because breakfast was on me as usual. Is this supposed to be someone's home? I think we're trespassing and we could be arrested. Grace has been telling me about this new show where cops go after criminals that have escaped.
Things didn't work so well for Aspen, Forest is so used to getting up early for work and he woke up Aspen while he was getting off the bed. Maybe sharing it once won't hurt, we all have our own beds back at home.

Our first day and we found the computer room. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time here if mom and dad don't make us go sight seeing.

What are you doing? I don't think you can swim there, get out before mom gets here. No, I'm not mentioning cops again.
I don't know why there's no gate there but that doesn't mean anything, get out Bijou.

Rosie and Pearl found the place for them. There are lots of toys and there's even a doll house that looks like a castle. Are you sure it's not our home? Maybe you can find us all in there. Look closely Pearl, let me see the dolls. Oh, and I just found out that Ax has a twin brother, I wonder why he never mentioned it. Maybe later I can ask this bear why they're separated. If it turns out to be a really cool story, mom could write and sell it. I have to go find her and tell her about it.

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