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Thursday, July 16, 2015

DP - Happily From Now On

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Happily from now on

The twins and Pearl went to work as soon as Rosie came over with Harry excited to show us something. We finally know what all the secrecy was about! They want to get married right away, mom is starting to be okay with the idea because Harry said he's starting to look for a job but today they came to tell us they have a house. This is not a house! They have the lot and they're thinking of buying it. It's a new town, it's still empty and they're getting one of the firsts lots. It's far from home, actually far from anything, the closest thing is Luigi Arcade. I think Aspen wants to help them build it. He's still working with the backhoe and he already thinks he can build houses? Why didn't you change little bro? You've been home for six hours.

It's my birthday today, mom had me and Rosie so close to each other. Grace brought me to celebrate to the club where we met. I left dinner in the fridge for the others and came to meet her here. I told her I'd give her everything she wants but there's something she needs to know. It's important but it can wait until we're ready to get married. Right now we enjoy our time together and I let her know I appreciate her and hope she wants to spend her life with me.

I made a chocolate cake for me and we went to the roof so I could blow out the candles. We don't need anyone else right now, they're all busy with their lives and I only care that Grace wants to be here. The bartender and a lady that was dancing downstairs wanted to come share this time with us. We didn't mind, they probably wanted a piece of cake.
I stop being a teen today but unlike Rosie, I don't plan on getting married right now. I have to get my life in order, get a job and plan a wedding.

First day as a young adult and I've cleaned the house, cooked breakfast and lunch. I do everything for them and they don't even like my fruitcake. I don't understand how they don't when it's delicious and I'm not only saying that because I'm a foodie. I've been thinking and there are so many things to do here and I already own this house, I won't be getting a job. I haven't talked about it with Grace but once I do, I hope she understands why I'm making this decision. She can work if she wants but I'm going to find something to do around here to get money, we'll still need to pay the bills.

These are our mornings now; everyone goes to school, Rosie goes out who knows where and mom and dad have breakfast while I make lunch. They're okay with me staying home. They know I do a lot of things here and everyone else works, we have enough money and a job will only take a lot of my time.

I'm starting to help with the gardening more. Eventually I'll have to do it on my own and I need to know every little detail before that happens. Today we're harvesting all the plants and trees. Mom is teaching me to know which fruits are ready and which flowers are the ones I need to cut. She's been selling to the market downtown and it's also what's been helping them pay for our castle. She's going to show me how to do that online so I don't need to go there. But before selling them, she picks one fruit out of each tree and plant and puts it in the kitchen. It helps me make delicious meals for them and healthier since we grow them out here.
If the lot was really cursed, why would we get excellent fruits? I'm thinking somebody left but didn't want anyone to come live here and figured that by making up a rumor, others would stay away from it. Mom definitely didn't care about it. I mean, why would anyone let go of a free lot because of something they don't even know it's true.

Mom and Rosie have been planning the wedding these past few days. They agreed on having a small party; just us, our romantic interests and Harry's parents. I made them a black and white cake, cooked herb crusted salmon and a shrimp cocktail to share together after their vows. I cooked at home while mom decorated the backyard with flowers. Elsa insisted they'd have the wedding at their house so we're here. We've been here a while getting everything ready but when I first got here I overheard Elsa and Jack. You never know what happens after they go home until you hear about it. I noticed Jack looked a bit down but I never would've guessed why. He caught Elsa flirting with another man, twice! Actually, I think there were two of them. I don't know what else happened because I ran out of there. I got scared they'd see me; who knows what would've happened then.

Here we are with the bride and groom, Rosie is officially a Frost now, sort of. She must really love being part of our family because she hyphenated her name; she is Rosie Kingson-Frost. Dad was really proud of it and made sure we all heard. Harry is just excited to move out and go live with Rosie. I wonder if he knows what his mom did.

I'm eating inside because Curtis is out there. I still don't know who invited him because I'm sure mom and dad didn't. Rosie doesn't know him and Harry wouldn't have bothered. I'm thinking Bijou called him without us finding out. You'd think he'd at least have the decency to put on something more formal, he came dressed wearing his regular t-shirt and pants.

Mom wanted Rosie to wait a little longer but she's happy for her. She understands she's no longer a kid and can make her own decisions. She's excited that she got to be here for her first kid's wedding. She can't wait to see all of us get married and wants grandkids soon. I guess if they can't have any more kids, grandkids is the next best thing.

Rosie is here to rescue her husband. Dad is just welcoming him to the family and making sure he'll take care of his little girl. Not so little anymore dad, she's a grown woman and a wife. But we do want the best for her and the fastest Harry gets a job, the more we'll treat him as a brother and son. I just hope he doesn't end up like his mom, should I tell Rosie something. I'll have to be really careful about it. But I won't ruin her day, we have a lot of time to talk about it later.

Time for them to go to their new house and celebrate. They're not having a honeymoon anywhere fancy because a job is more important. Besides, it's only the two of them in their house. They'll get to travel in the future if they want to see the rest of the world.

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