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Saturday, July 25, 2015

DP - Home Sweet Gnome

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Home Sweet... Gnome?

It's Forest's birthday today and he's going out to celebrate with Tia. My perfectionist brother didn't want a party because he doesn't like the ones dad throws. Rosie and Harry came over to have breakfast as a family, we didn't want to let the day pass even if it's not a real party. I invited Grace over because she's part of the family, she didn't want to come but I told her she wouldn't be here for Forest, she was coming over to spend time with me, she agreed to that.

What are you doing here and why are you making a mess in my kitchen? Ebony, come see what your boyfriend is doing, are you sure he's the one you want to be with? You're supposed to be a grown up and not play with the trash like a kid. Get out of here before I throw you out! I have to clean this up now.

Tia and Forest went on a date yesterday and since they're older now, she wanted to go to the bar. Now Forest wants to drink all the time, I don't know if working as a bartender during his teenager years had something to do with it. He's telling me he wants to propose to Tia but doesn't know when or where. He's afraid she'll think he's going too fast and it'll drive her away.
Forest, she doesn't have a car, what could possibly go wrong? Take her to the Zoo and take some sandwiches, I can make them for you. Propose but tell her you don't have to get married right away, that can wait until she's ready. You're just letting her know you want to be with her for the rest of your life in a house of your own. No, I'm not kicking you out... yet.

We all went on a walk and ran into Curtis. Bijou was super excited but in a way I don't think it was a coincidence. He introduced us to his two friends, they're living with him because they moved here after their parents split up. I don't know how they're related to him or how the arrangement happened but I don't care and I stopped listening to him. Aspen seemed excited to see a pretty girl his age. He's been talking non stop to her and her brother is just not amused. I think I heard their names during the conversation I tried to ignore. Let's see... her name is Marley I believe and his name is Leon. I don't know if we'll be seeing them often but maybe I should try to remember their names just in case.

You know Pearl, if you don't like my food you're more than welcome to go and make your own meals. I do everything for you and this is what I get in response?
What is happening to me? I sound like a mom.

Rosie and Harry invited us over to see their new house. I've known Rosie my whole life and I still did not expect this. What I don't understand is how she got Harry to approve her design. Love, it seems to blind us completely.

Harry, will you tell me the real reason we're here? You've been married for almost a week but are you trying to tell us there's a surprise in the way?
The answer was no. They just wanted us over for brunch.

You can't blame us for thinking that, when have you invited us anywhere? Dad asked Rosie the same thing. We know you're married and you're a grown woman so there's nothing wrong with us thinking there'll be a baby here soon. Mom will be heartbroken she was getting excited just thinking about a new kid running around. She even started coming up with names. I know! Our mom, the one who came to us for ideas for our siblings' names.

Look at you so responsible, cleaning up after us in your own home. You didn't cook, I brought the french toast but you at least doing the dishes is what you're supposed to do after you invite us over.

Fine, I'll bake the cake. We love cake, even if there are no big news, we still want to have dessert.
Mom and Grace have been enjoying the pool. I have to say Rosie did a great job with the house, she has everything she wanted and more. They still don't have jobs, Harry is still looking and Rosie is considering not getting one. It looks like the Frosts gave Harry a lot of money, did they feel bad for ruining the perfect family he thought they had? Harry hasn't mentioned anything, I don't know if he knows about it.

Uh, dad, you have to come upstairs, I'm sure Harry already knows since he was just there but don't make a big deal. You might want to see this and do something about it. I'll explain upstairs but we don't need anyone else finding out about it.

Dad has to fix Rosie's dollhouse, seriously Rosie? No kids but you have a dollhouse? What's up with all the beds? Looking for a big family like ours I suppose. Pearl came upstairs without any of us knowing and destroyed it. Rosie doesn't know and we're not telling her. Can he still ground a teenager?
Dad says it's probably time to go, either way the twins have to go to work.

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  1. It looks like they all still bonding like a big family. I wonder when Ash will get his love and move in. I know his parents or just his mother needs to die before he he can marry.

    1. His mom has to die before he marries but I also have to get others out of the house, it's a full household right now.

  2. I bet. It looks like you did a wonderful job with your story. I will be keeping up with this story along with the Bloomers (The Plumbob) writes. I hope to do this once I finish my story. Have any children or men for me to add to my game for either this story or future use?

    1. Thank you. I don't have any right now, I had to get some teens from the gallery for mine.