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Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Behind The Scenes


The Abandoned Lot - Kingson Family

CAUTION: If you read the story, these may contain possible spoilers

I let the Sims tell the story for the most part but there are certain shots I want to have. Not everything goes as planned because they are on full autonomy and whenever I need them to stay somewhere, they decide to move. But when I let them do their own thing, they want to just stand there and wait for something to happen.
In these posts I'll also add the details and links to the lots (downloaded from gallery) presented in the chapter mentioned.

Behind the Scenes #1 - family vacation; based on chapters 30: Beyond Our Imagination & 31: Like a Big Pizza Pie

Behind the Scenes #2 - Luigi Arcade; based on chapter 28: Helping Out

Behind the Scenes #3 - Wedding Day; based on chapter 33: Happily From Now On

Behind the Scenes #4 - Gnome Home; based on chapter 34: Home Sweet... Gnome?

Behind the Scenes #5 - Farmers' Market; based on chapter 35: Married Life

Behind the Scenes #6 - Rosie's Life; based on Short Story: The First Child

Behind the Scenes #7 - Forest's Wedding; based on chapter 37: ren Crespo Kingson

Behind the Scenes #8 - Invading Their Privacy; based on chapter 38: Truth Isn't What We Know