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Friday, August 7, 2015

DP - ren Crespo Kingson

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ren Crespo Kingson

Forest called us here because he had big news for everyone and since Susie aged up it was no problem for the whole family to come. Elsa came over to see her genius granddaughter. Her parents are so proud of her and Harry's happy because she's an artistic prodigy like he hoped she'd be.
Tia has part of the announcement, she's planning the wedding with her mother and they'll soon be getting married. I think this was a good time to tell them I have a gift for them. I'm so happy for you guys! I have the lot ready for your new home, you still have to pay for it but I know you'll love it. Also, because you're the first, you get to choose the one you think is best out of all four. We can go there tomorrow because they really need the down payment. The timing couldn't be better, Forest's part was that he's now an Ace Engineer which means more money and that he'll have his company established soon. I can help you come up with a name, how about Cactus Gaming?

To celebrate, Aspen wanted to share with us that he finished his first song. Dad and Forest are there to back him up but I don't think Bijou knows the words, is she going to make them up as they go along? Dad talked to his boss and he said he'd give Aspen a try and he wants to hear something unique and new. The song is called Waking Up With You but before I could ask if it was about Marley, he said it was about his pillow.

Today was a weird day. Marley came over to see Aspen but also she wanted to get to know our mom. Obviously mom was so excited she's telling Aspen what a nice girl she is, neat and self-assured and that he should think about not letting her go. Later, Curtis came over to see Bijou, I hadn't seen him in a long time so I assumed things hadn't worked out between them. They're just friends right now, even with Bijou being older now so I have to say he might not be as bad as I thought. And last, right now Trace called Pearl, she had been avoiding him but his phone call she had to answer. He hasn't shown any interest, I don't know why she hesitated at first when it seemed all he needed was a friend to talk to. He might be feeling lonely because his sister is getting married. If things stay the same, I think I'll be married before any of them.

Grace, Pearl and I came over to take Susie to the park. Rosie told us to come on Friday and she even suggested the one next to her house, is like she doesn't trust us. Grace has been great with her, listening to her stories so I know we'll have a great time today. Even when she begs for toys and I can't refuse but how can I when she looks at me with those blue eyes and her sweet face? I don't need permission from anyone, right Grace? I asked Susie if her mother dressed her but she said since she's a big girl she gets to pick them herself. The glasses she wanted because they looked cool not because she really needs them.

We ran into Jaxen, the new goofball, good and genius guy in town after Pearl and Grace left us to fend for ourselves. He came here from far away but says this place looks so much like where he lived that it almost feels like home. He left his home to meet new people and see new places. Susie started sharing ideas with him about how he could accelerate the process. She talked about parties, reunions, even us inviting him over because we have such a big family. Jaxen was glad she was trying to help and he shared some of the ideas he had with us. After a while they started talking about things I just didn't understand anymore until it was time for Jaxen to leave. He's still looking for a job and he's been waking up early handing out resumes. How did Rosie and Harry make such a smart kid?

What are you doing? You can't talk to mom like that! How can you let... Oh.
Ebony still likes the bodybuilder idea so after the cheerleaders get new younger members, she has gone to be a personal trainer. Wait, so you got cut off the team while Bijou is still there? I know she's more outgoing but I thought you really liked it. Don't worry, you'll do much better on your own. Having a big family helps because now she can practice with us. I don't think I want to be on mom's shoes right now, besides they probably won't fit me. But I hear dad is next, they're trying to lose weight and with Ebony's routine she assures them they'll get there in no time.

Rosie called mom and asked her to go over, it's a school night and they didn't want Susie to stay up too late so she went to babysit at their house. Ebony went on a date with Wayne to the pool park but the pools are closed right now, it's very weird that he chose that place. Ebony hasn't been doing great as a trainer, she has a tough time being surrounded by strangers all the time and Wayne has been really supportive. Looks like he really cares for her, I shouldn't judge him too much.
On another note, Jaxen has been coming over, he's still searching for jobs so he has a lot of free time. He's welcomed at our house by everyone and he always has something interesting to share, it doesn't matter whom he talks to. He's mostly here at night when Pearl, Aspen and Bijou are working but Bijou has the day off today and they've been having a nice conversation but obviously she couldn't not mention Curtis, she says he inspired her to be a bodybuilder and now that she managed to do that she can focus on becoming a professional athlete.

Bijou made the team, she went from being a cheerleader to a minor leaguer. She's so excited because it's like being in a real video game. I don't think it's better because if everyone loses because of you they'll get mad but if it was just a video game, nobody would mind. But I'm happy for you, when do we get to see you play?

Dad's been having a lot of parties, he says he misses being younger and he has to do everything while he still can. Today is Pearl's birthday and he wanted to surprise her. He allowed her to skip her last day of high school to spend time together. He planned a black and white party like the one he had when we were younger but this time we're able to enjoy it too. It's mostly for her but I know it was only an excuse for him to host another one. Dad didn't invite Jaxen and he came over when the party had already started. I had to tell him I had no idea about the party until it was too late. He didn't seem mad and he's been enjoying the party now that he's here.
Rosie, I saw Harry in the other room but where is Susie? Are the Frosts babysitting her in your house because it's Tuesday?

Pearl got a job as a manager's assistant, she'll make more money than she did before.
Here's some advice, you want to be a goofball rather than be angry all the time. Trust me, you'll get promoted in no time and you'll make all the money in the world like you want.

Forest started his gaming company, he's ready now that he finished learning all he needed about programming and got promoted to a project manager. Wait, are you Pearl's boss because if you are I don't think it's fair you made her dress in that outfit when you wear whatever you want.
He had promised Tia to get married as soon as that happened so we're here to see how everything is going. Tia wanted to have the wedding at her house, it'll be small because it's only the three of them and they don't have much money. Forest didn't mind, he's just glad to be marrying her. I brought Grace with me, I didn't want any problems with her if she found out I came to Tia's house alone.

You may kiss the bride! I just learned Tia is a computer whiz like Forest - it's the only thing I understood from whatever it is they used as wedding vows - I think they are perfect for each other.
Forest accepted the lot I reserved for him and he chose the last one because it was perfect for what he had in mind. Their house is finished and they'll be going there after the party is over, he moved his stuff from our house earlier. This time dad didn't get to plan the event, Forest invited Wayne and besides him it was only us with Grace and Tia's mom and brother. Rosie came here and she surprised us with a second pregnancy. If the baby is as cute as little Susie, we're so excited.

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