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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DP - Don't You Cry For Me

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Don't you cry for me

Everybody soon forgot she was here because of Aspen and went to ask Rosie all kinds of questions about the baby. Mom even started telling old stories about us before we were born. The twins made her eat a lot and be tired, dad was panicking so much it was as if he knew. Rosie's been having a great pregnancy and the baby will be born soon, we can't wait to see what it is but I'm hoping for a boy along with Harry.

We were having a great time until Wayne came in. Dude, it's neither a kid's or a costume party, we're just here to have breakfast as a family, why are you dressed like that?
We're not even having a party, Aspen just invited Marley over because he wants to spend time with her, the rest of us is family and now Wayne.

Aspen is telling us the only reason why he wants a job is because he needs money so he's asking dad to help him get a job where he works. He says he's a level 4 piano player so there should be no problem. If he dedicated more time to practicing dad would not be doubting it but Aspen always has excuses and is always too tired to do it. All he wants to do is lay down and take naps. He says he's a music lover and they won't find anyone better than him. He's been going on about it - which I think is mostly for Marley's sake - that dad agreed to think about it and run it by his boss.

Mom wanted to be with Rosie when she had the baby but we were late. She had a home birth and Harry said things went great that they forgot to call us, besides it was late and they didn't want to wake us up. The good news is mom is a grandmother and she's so happy. Harry came to the door and let us in. Congratulations new dad! Can we go meet our... Wait, you haven't told us what you had.

I was so excited I let mom talking to Harry about the birth downstairs and I came up practically running to meet my new niece! They had a little girl and I'd say she looks like Rosie but I didn't know her then and mom didn't take the best pictures of her as a baby. But I don't care because she's just so sweet and tiny. I'm not too sure about the name but Harry and Rosie picked it and now I'm holding little Susana Frost. I think I'm going to call her Susie.

Mom came into the room and made me move to get a look at her granddaughter while I was getting to know my niece. She says she's the most beautiful baby she's ever seen. You had seven babies, where would that leave us?
Rosie is not even resting but mom still wants to do everything, she's going to feed Susie a bottle without consulting the parents. Are you sure you know what you're doing? I mean, when was the last time you had a baby in your arms? A long time ago!

Aren't you supposed to be resting? Why are you here playing with the dollhouse if you're feeling up to it instead of taking care of Susie?! She's your baby and you know mom is feeding her and she's probably going to change her diaper if you don't get back up there! You're going to have mom here every day if you don't show any interest in your daughter!

Dad, you should have seen her with her tiny feet and tiny hands. Her tiny eyes and mouth when she laughs and tries to coo. Oh yeah, mom decided to stay and help Rosie with the baby, I tried my hardest but she just wouldn't come with me so I gave up and came home. I have a lot of things to do here, we were gone most of the day. I was thinking we can all go visit her tomorrow, I know it's Saturday and you work but if we go super early I can even take some breakfast over to their house so we eat there and you'll have enough time to spend with Susie before you have to leave.

Rosie is doing great, I don't know what mom was thinking, when she had us she usually got back to doing things around the house after giving birth. Harry thought she wasn't needed and that she should sleep in her own bed and mom arrived home at 1 in the morning. I cooked breakfast and dessert and we came over at nine today. We're all taking turns holding little Susie, our first niece I think she'll be very spoiled. Grace and Tia came with us to meet the baby as well since they're practically part of the family or hopefully they will be. Pearl wanted to hold her first because she works in a couple of hours while some of us would have all day.

Forest got a little carried away with all the baby talk that he proposed right here in front of all of us. He's been working hard and though he still hasn't had a promotion, he made an app. He called it Plant Me and it was based on our mom's love for her garden. I still don't know what it does but he tried to explain to me about how it worked. Yeah, it was all lost on me. Anyway, he's making money off of it that even if he stays at the bottom of his career for a while, making things on his free time will help him save enough money to get married and move out sooner than he expected. Tia couldn't believe it but she was very happy and accepted right away. Bijou had to come and ruin the moment when she stepped out of the bathroom and almost hit Forest with the door. Hurry up and get here, you're in their way!
Our family keeps growing, first we get a brother in Harry, then he and Rosie give us a niece and now Forest introduces a sister to us. We're so excited it's time to congratulate them.

Everyone went off to work and the rest of us stayed there until it was getting late, the new parents were tired and we had to give Susie her space. She's such a good baby, not once did she cry while we were there. When we were leaving Grace asked if I wanted to go get something to drink. She picked the little restaurant when we had our first date, I told mom I'd be home later and we came over.
I was nervous, I didn't know if she was going to tell me she's been feeling neglected - we haven't gone out in a while and I've been very busy around the house and with everything going on - or if she was going to bring up the subject about Forest proposing and where we stood. Luckily for me she didn't say anything about that and we just had a normal conversation. She was very sweet and nice during our date, she never mentioned Tia or her bad remarks about her as she usually does. I think I'm not entirely wrong only she has a better way to do things.
I pretended not to notice so we just had a normal evening until we saw Elsa and Harry both with other people. It was pretty awkward I decided to end the date and go home.

Last night after I got home, the twins got here with great news. They both made the teams, apparently they have two teams and they each tried out for one. It's not what they want to do but it'll help them get to where they want to go.
So now, I introduce Bijou, an outgoing cheerleader of the blue team and Ebony, the bookworm cheerleader of the purple team. I think you're wearing each other's shoes, you might want to change them back before you get out of the house.

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  1. Lol Wayne's outfit! I laughed my bum off!

    So cute that you had the entire family visit the new baby, and the default replacement baby outfit looks awesome. I need to finally take the plunge and get some.I bet Ash and Grace enjoyed some alone time!

    Yay, another proposal! There's going to be so many in this family!

    And... Woah, Bijou is buff!

    1. Lol I saw him and I was like it's not a costume party, seriously?
      The baby outfits are so cute, you should get them. There might, I was just thinking Rosie didn't get one, they just came over to say they were getting married.
      I know, I didn't know they'd be able to, so skinny but I think having that aspiration, their special trait really helps.