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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DP - Truth Isn't What We Know

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Truth isn't what we know

Aspen wants me to learn to play the piano. He's a pro at it already and says he thinks I have potential. He's going to mentor me because he wants me to help him. I told him it could wait, we just came home from the wedding and we had to sleep but he said it'd be fun. Dad's boss liked his song so he gave him a week to come up with a couple of jingles. Aspen likes how my mind works and I could provide good material for them, we'll be working together on them.

Breathe Rosie, breathe. Hee, hee, hoo.
This time we're on time. Mom and I came over to see how Rosie was doing and the baby is ready to come. We've been here all night, it's a long labor and she's very uncomfortable. Mom told her to rest but she keeps getting up, I don't think she knows what to do and is freaking out. Harry says it wasn't like this with Susie and he's getting scared.

It's morning, Rosie still has not given birth but things were getting crazy so I decided to walk to Forest's place. Tia's pregnant! Congratulations but I should warn you, having the baby is not all fun and games. You should see what Rosie's going through. What? It's true, how am I not helping?

How are you okay with that? Should we do something? I think we need to at least tell Ebony!
After the wedding, Tia told Forest she went out with Wayne a couple of times. Ebony's Wayne! It was before Forest proposed but she swears nothing really happened between them. The moment was just there and they had a good time they decided to go out again. She blames Forest for not having time for her while working on his company and felt lonely. She broke things off after she got engaged because she loves Forest and doesn't want anybody else. He's scared but really wants to believe her. Now that she's pregnant he's sure he wants to stay with her and trust her.

I was at Forest's house no longer than two hours but I come back to this! I was so angry after I learned all that, I had to run from there but seeing the tiny baby made me forget all my feelings. Keenan Frost was born after the longest labor ever recorded - it has to be, it was over 12 hours. Mom already called Dad and he said he'd arrange it so everyone comes over later to meet him. We are so happy this time it was a boy, now we have a niece and a nephew and no one will feel jealous.
Rosie, who lives next door? I noticed there are houses being built but that's supposed to be one of the lots I reserved. You live right here, how can you not know?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! YOU'RE NO LONGER WELCOME AT OUR HOUSE OR AT ANY OF THEM! No, you don't understand Ebony. I don't care where we are, you have to listen! He's been lying to you!
You can't possibly believe he was confused and that she doesn't matter to him that you're the only one. That's not even a real apology! What is wrong with you? LEAVE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I HAVE TO THROW YOU OUT!

Is Tia's belly really that big?
Keenan aged up and he has our hair and eye color! If we were to only look at them, we wouldn't believe they're siblings but after having a conversation with them, their similarities make them seem like twins. The art lover, whiz kid younger boy looks up to his older sister and loves learning new things she already knows. They're looking forward for their new baby cousin to be born and can't stop talking about Tia and the changes she's been going through. Susie is an expert at it from all that she reads, she's like our little doctor. She always has news about how the baby is doing in there and how the tiny body is forming. All that is left to do is get bigger and stronger to be ready for our environment. I love these kids!

Ebony has been ignoring me, everyone has been trying to convince her to rethink things but she won't listen to us. Every time the matter comes up, she storms off saying things even I don't understand. Wayne hasn't come to the house or to our gatherings since I kicked him out but Ebony sneaks out of the house without saying where she's going and sometimes comes home way after her work day is long over.
Harry has tried to introduce her to some of his friends but she says she doesn't want to meet anyone. We practically drag her to Tia's place today for dinner. It was sort of a setup, we think if someone not closely related to her makes her see things differently she'll come to her senses and stop seeing Wayne. Even Tia is helping us, she's telling her how he's not worth it and that she regrets going out with him. She shouldn't have betrayed us all like that and she's very sorry. Mom and Dad don't know how to react but I think they've kept things to themselves only because she's expecting Forest's baby.

Don't walk away, that doesn't solve anything. You know mom wants to talk to you.
We've tried everything and nothing works. Rosie thinks the best is to give her some space, she'll realize we're looking out for her and open up to us when she's ready. Mom is really sad about it but thinks it might work. We can't mention Wayne anywhere anymore but have to keep talking to her as if nothing happened.

They're working things out, Forest is learning to trust Tia again and she says she couldn't be happier to be carrying his baby and living with him. They have a small house so they'll redecorate the upstairs once the baby is older. Dad thinks the baby will help them through this tough time and will hopefully leave everything in the past. Right now they have to focus on providing for their small family and to give the baby tons of love. She's up for it but Forest seems to be thinking about it even if he pretends things are great.

New baby in the family, he comes at the best time because we need that joy. Tia and Forest's baby is born and they named him Ti-Ning Kingson. Where do you get these names?
Tia didn't need mom over last night because her mom was here so we came this morning and for that reason not everyone was able to make it. Dad was here earlier but left for work. He says he can now die peacefully because he's accomplished everything he wanted since before he met mom. He hosted his last party yesterday and hopes those of us that haven't already, continue working on our goals. He's so proud of Forest, Bijou and Aspen for reaching them so soon. Life isn't only about following our lists but I seem to be the only one who thinks like that.

Ebony left! Pearl ran outside when she heard us coming; all her things are gone. Bijou and dad just got home from work so no one knew anything. Where could she have gone? There was no note and she hadn't talked to any of us lately.
I know she talks to Coma, maybe she told him something that will help us. Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not the one who left.

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  1. oh my, did you have her move or did she do it on her own?

    1. Hi. I moved her out. It was time for her to live on her own since her family didn't approve of her boyfriend.

  2. I'm so caught up now. I'm ready for the discussions.