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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Firsts Aug First Child

Short Story

The first child

Aug - Firsts
CAUTION! Possible spoilers if you read the Kingson family story.

I was the first child of a runaway princess and an aspiring musician trying to make it in this world. We lived in an abandoned lot with a really creepy story that I was not supposed to know. I was the first of seven kids with specific set of goals to complete before we became teens. Our parents didn't want to frighten us with the rumors but we heard things in school and when we went out even if we didn't do it often. Now I wonder if that was the reason.
I was a gloomy kid - inherited from my father - and not having friends my age or toys to play with didn't help. I learned to love my family but there was only so much I could take. I didn’t know there was more to life than what I had in my roofless home. The first time I realized what I really wanted was when the neighbors invited me to go on vacation with them.
They had a lot of money and could eat what they wanted whenever they wanted. Something I could never do at home because we were always short on money. Their son, Harry, was my age and he had a lot of toys; he was an only child but never felt lonely.
He had many friends and traveled a lot. By the time I met him he knew about this place more than I had ever dreamed.
He was my first friend and after we came back from our trip I started hanging out with him all the time. We would go out and explore many places my mom wouldn't have let me go if she knew where I'd gone. This boy taught me many things but most importantly, he taught me how to live.
As our teenage years came to be, we learned more about life and what it had to offer. If you had enough money, you could do and be anything you wanted. We did no longer get good grades - we hardly had time to do our homework considering we spent most of the day outside - but we weren't failing either. We didn't mind and our parents never found out; we loved our free time too much to care about other things.
All our friends knew us as the inseparable twins, even though we had different parents. They thought highly of us and I loved it but I never forgot my passion; toys. I loved that you could create worlds where you were in charge of the way things worked. I wanted to include that in my life and though I kept it hidden from our friends, Harry always understood how I felt and never judged me. That's how I knew I had found the guy that would be there for me through everything.
When my insecurities passed as I came into adulthood and I was able to be free, I knew there was no time to waste. I married my best friend and moved out into our own house far away from our parents. We're not trying to keep them out of our life but not being close to them lets us be ourselves and have full control of our life.
I could finally be me in my own home with the one person who would cherish every little moment spent with me. I designed my house* to encompass everything I am and what I want to leave behind once it's my turn to find another freedom that I can't even begin to describe.
For now, I enjoy the time I spend with Harry and the moments I get to discover more about myself when I play with the dollhouse I'll soon share with the baby that is excited to come out and start living in this world that I call home. This baby won't get to know what it's like to feel alone or empty because we'll provide everything we can and more. Our love grows more as my belly does and everyday we get to experience new and wonderful things, we can't wait until our first sweet Frost gets to meet us and enjoys them with us. I say first because I’m hoping to have many more until all the beds in the second floor are occupied.

* I didn't build the house - The Gnome's Treehouse by Simsaalat.


  1. This was so sweet. It's hard to have controlling parents but luckily she has her best friend at her side to give her love and support and her children to fill the void if there is one.