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Monday, July 13, 2015

DP - Life Plans

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Life plans

I missed you oh so much! Promise me that you'll never leave me and that it doesn't matter if you don't like my family, you'll come live with me here someday. I have a perfect idea of where we could go on vacation, it's magical, I know you'll love it.
I didn't understand what she said about Forest but the other part sounded like she agreed.

Harry and Jack came over to talk to Dad. I was told to go inside but obviously I stayed on the other side of the door and tried to listen. Those are pretty thick doors, I could only make up a few words. Something about life or home and plans and mom. I know I heard mom, they must be wanting to talk to mom, maybe she'll know something tomorrow. I'll ask her, if I look at her a certain way I know she'll tell me everything!

You're already late, what took you so long? Don't get mad and start yelling at the customers, you'll get fired.
Pearl got a job at the BMS Co. She'll be working Tuesday through Friday from 6 to 10pm. She wants to have a lot of money and she needs to start working now. Sometimes I feel bad, everyone has a job but me and I wonder if I should get one. Oh wait, Rosie doesn't have one, that's right! I feel better now.

It's Wednesday and we have school tomorrow but that didn't stop us from coming over to Luigi Arcade. I'll admit it was a great idea of Bijou to come here. I won't tell her that, we're here again and that should be enough. She's here too, doing something or other. Grace and I wanted to play against each other this time, it looked fun when Aspen and Bijou did it last time. Wayne spends more time with Ebony but I'm starting to get used to the idea of them being friends. Friends! I have eyes and ears everywhere! He doesn't even pay attention to you.

Shouldn't you be at work? We thought you left when we did. If you want to make money, this is not the way.
I know Pearl didn't come with us last time because she was a kid and today she had to work so she was going to miss it again. But it's not my fault she wants to be super rich. She followed us after telling mom and dad she was going to work and stayed out of sight. She came inside thinking the place was bigger and she'd get lost in the crowd. We are the crowd, Pearl!

It's Rosie's birthday today, Harry had a birthday recently so he's excited for her to be his age again. Right now it's a bit awkward for them since she's still a teen. You hear that Bijou? It's awkward! Tell your friend Curtis that! He's too old!
Anyway, the Frosts are here to celebrate since they've known us for a long time and they really like Rosie. I'm thinking they're glad she's growing up, I'm sure they didn't want problems with the law because their son was hanging out with a teen. They've been talking about some plans they have but mom doesn't look convinced. It turns out she wouldn't tell me anything and they keep kicking us out of the room.

Pearl keeps talking to Trace. He was Aspen's friend but since he's younger, they grew apart. He's here to see Pearl but he came at a bad time, she's going to work and she better not skip it this time! Sorry Trace, come back another day or if you don't, that's fine by me too. Bye Pearl, have a great day!

Rosie has been dressing differently. I don't know if it's because mom told her to or if Harry complained. Maybe it's because she grew up and thought she should change her shirts. She still plays with toys but she's more outgoing now; she probably wanted to make a good impression.

Whenever Wayne comes over, Ebony likes to greet him outside. She thinks we don't notice but I'm glad at least Bijou is on my side and goes to check on her. I still have to go and see for myself though because Bijou's older friend might decide to come over. He calls her sometimes, I really have to be on the lookout. Oh yeah, I checked and he's not married. He lives with his sister and their parents died a while back. I still don't want him around Bijou.

They may try to keep me out of their room but I'm the one who cleans and if they insist on bringing dirty plates and leaving them here, I have to come inside. I had to check who was sleeping on Bijou's bed with her; it's only Ebony. Bad dreams girls? Of course I also had to check Ebony's bed; it's empty.

Okay guys, since we're here while everyone else is sleeping, we need to stick together. I think we should go to Curtis' house... What do you mean you don't know who that is, Aspen? It's the guy that keeps calling Bijou and he's older than her. You should have a problem, now come on, she's our little sister. Oh that's probably why, she's your older sister. Still, we're the guys of this family, yes along with dad, and we need to protect them. Like I was saying, we go to his house and... No, I don't want to get to know him first. Forget it, I'll have to do it on my own.
I thought they had my back.

Did I hear that correctly? You just asked him to be your boyfriend and he accepted? And everyone is okay with this?
I'm the only one that has to do everything around here, I give up. Everyone will soon be out of this house and I'll just have to worry about myself and spikey. I should spend more time with him. Oh, I've been hearing mom and dad talk about wanting more kids, like eww no mom. Isn't she too old for that anyway? Like there's not enough of us in this house already.
Why don't our workout machines match? Who bought them and why did they not pick the same color?

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  1. More kids? Missing the little ones are they? Ash's reunion with his girlfriend was sweet. Also, he shouldn't feel bad for not having a job, he's the one that feeds them all and cleans after them!

    1. I know. I thought they didn't get the whims to try for baby if they had a full household, but both got the whim twice! lol Seven wasn't enough for them apparently.
      Yeah, but Harmony didn't have a job either so I think he probably needs one.