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Friday, June 5, 2015

DP - Home Before Dawn

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Home before dawn

I found a new flower on my way home and I thought of my mom; how she loves her garden and I brought it for her, I'm helping her plant it and will keep looking for new ones. I like being responsible, I was able to get my pet cactus my mom never let me. I didn't tell her, I took it straight to my room and put it next to my window so he doesn't get bored. I think I'll name him Spikey, I learned that the hard way. I've been feeling lonely and I hope he'll keep me company while I find a girlfriend.

Forest, wake up. Come on, you've slept enough bro, get up. Don't make too much noise or you'll wake mom and dad. I want to go to the new lounge and I'm taking Forest with me now that he's a teen. He might meet someone there too, I know he's been busy but he has to make time for a social life.

There were a lot of guys but I think they only go for the drinks and to find girls. Nobody was dancing and I heard they opened it because there were no clubs in town. Why else would you go to a club and not dance?

When Forest and I were able to find two empty seats at the bar, I saw her; the most beautiful girl I had ever seen! She was dancing by herself, that meant she was new and hadn't met anyone yet. Forest told me to go dance with her, she'd notice I'm different and start talking to me. It was a great idea and I left him at the bar. No drinking, little bro!

The good news, she noticed me. The bad news, the night wasn't long enough and I had to be back before breakfast and before mom and dad found out.

I'm the second child, I have seven brothers and that one over there is one of them. She didn't mind it, she is perfect! Her name is Grace Baker, she's lazy and cheerful. She lives alone, she moved here last week and just started high school. We got to know each other more before I asked her if she left a boyfriend back home. She said she didn't but it'd be nice if she found someone here.
We went outside to talk alone, Forest was making friends at the bar I just told him I'd be back. She wanted to know all about me and when she found out, she seemed to like everything I said. I have to find a story to tell my parents about how we met because I'm thinking of inviting her over everyday. She did say she goes to my school, she'll have to side with me and come up with something when my parents ask her. Because I know they will.

I hated that the night had to end but I asked her where she lived. She gave me her number and I told her I'd call soon. I'm sure my parents will like her, what's not to like? Besides, they'll have other things to talk about; I overheard Rosie talking to Harry and I think they'll share with us that he asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted.

Ebony and Bijou are having a party next week and I went to invite Grace. She has a small home but since she lives alone it's perfect for her. I could live in a place like that, the silence wouldn't bother me and I'd keep myself company. Well, I can't forget Spikey, he'd come too.

We came to the zoo for the twins birthday. Grace said she'd meet us here, I'll come looking for her later. I brought a taco casserole and a strawberry cake for them that I have to take to the table. I wonder why we never came here as kids, mom only took us to the library and the park, they were great places but we could have enjoyed different things as well.

There they are, pretending like we don't know anything. I haven't talked to Rosie but Forest knows already, I couldn't keep it from him. He talks to Harry all the time and he hadn't told him. I asked him not to say anything yet, I want to see how long they think they can keep it from mom and dad.

And there you are, Grace! Come on, you have to come see this. We're still friends but I'm working on it, I've invited her to the house a couple of times but I want it to be special. I'm waiting for the weekend to ask her out on a date, my weekdays are so busy I barely have time to sleep. I was thinking of getting a job but I think I'll wait until I finish high school.

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  1. He's such a sweet teen! I wish Isaac turned out like that!

    1. lol it's hard because he's an insane teen. I just read why you said that about Isaac and I'm in shock!