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Friday, May 29, 2015

DP - Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye

The kids are ready to try the cake but first Rosie has to make a wish. Our oldest daughter, our first baby is growing up. I talked to her and told her what to expect now that she's becoming a teen. I told her we would support her always and that we wanted to meet all the boys she talks to, especially Rylan.
The Frosts are here too and Harry is Rosie's age, he'll be a teen with her so I'm not worried, they are good friends and they have each other for support.

I want her to enjoy every stage of her life as much as she can. I didn't have that growing up, I was always hiding from my family and I had a hard time during my teenage years so I want better for my kids. We sat with her last night and talked about what she wants and how she's going to get it. "I want to have the biggest and fanciest house in town!" I thought they had learned they didn't need to have a lot of money or a big house to be happy, I guess I was wrong considering she wants to be a mansion baron. She made her list that consisted of buying large quantities of expensive items. For that, we told her she needed to do well in high school and to find a job.

I found the first picture I have with my youngest baby, Pearl. She completed her list and is now an A student. She's been saying she can now relax and take things slow. How much slower can a six year old take it?

"Happy birthday to you!" If our kids are growing up, it means we have to as well. Rylan and I went with the kids to celebrate together this morning, we had breakfast at a new restaurant in town. The kids got around to sing to us and the people that were there got up to see what all the fuss was about.

I don't think going into adulthood will be very different, once you're an adult there are hardly new things to learn. The bar tender helped us with the candles and now it was time for a wish.

Rylan went first and the kids went crazy! He didn't tell me what he wished for but growing up suits him. He says he wants to grow a mustache again and asked me what I thought. I'm okay with it now, I mean we are getting older and it did look good on him, it's just I thought he'd look younger without it.

Then, it was my turn. What could I wish for if I have everything I could have asked for? I ran away from the horrors of my childhood and found an amazing family here. Okay, maybe there was one thing I wanted, for my kids to be happy and achieve everything they desire.

Rosie has been doing great, our childish teen. She's been looking for jobs and I think we'll hear about it soon. She's been keeping at a surprise but said she's expecting a call soon and will let us know.

Today is Ash's birthday and he picked his favorite park for his party. I talked to him last night about our family and the lot and I told him he had to grow up faster than his siblings because he was being chosen to be the heir. But more on that later, right now it's time to party and there's a cake to buy and things to do.

The kids have been playing and dancing while I've been running around taking care of things and finishing this album in between. Rylan has been socializing with the guests and making sure Ash is having a great time.

Rylan wanted to give a toast to our oldest boy and heir. We learned a lot of things from him, one of them being patience. Our helpful, sometimes misunderstood son brought joy to our life in the beginning when we didn't have much. He has to be careful what he wishes for because he is about to enter a new life stage with lots of responsibilities.

And this is how I say goodbye. We're eating cake, it's almost time to go home but it's time for me to pass this on. I've loved every minute of my crazy life so far and though it's not over for me just yet, my part on this album is done. I'm sure I made a great choice leaving this to my oldest boy, Ash.

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