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Thursday, May 28, 2015

DP - Heigh-Ho

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Well, this is no happy baby but at least the talk with the kids helped. Every time Pearl cries, all the kids come rushing into the room to see what's wrong. She's no longer excited when her siblings come and try to make her laugh though.

We've had a hard time and we couldn't be happier that it is over. Pearl aged up into a hot-headed, rambunctious scamp. I think this should be our last baby, seven kids is a great number. Now it's time to wait for grand kids. I wonder if our black hair and brown eyes will continue on through the generations.

We've taught Pearl to take it out on the bear instead of getting mad at her siblings. That poor bear sure has seen rough times in this house, we should name him doc; everyone always goes to him with their problems.

The kids went exploring today, they wanted to show Pearl the rocks and see what new things they could bring home. I let them go by themselves since Rosie will be a teen soon. She's old enough to look after them and they were only going behind our lot. My big lazy boy is always the last one home.

With so many people in the house, it's hard to keep it clean. I'm grateful that my oldest boy is there to help me clean the dishes while I clean bathrooms and counters.

We're encouraging Pearl to start her list so we took her to the library this afternoon and made a family day out of it. We took pizza and spaghetti and had lunch at the park behind it. As soon as they got out of school and the pizza came, we left the house. It's a school night and we needed to get back home early. The kids finished their homework at the park and I made sure no one left behind their notebook. Another important thing we're teaching Pearl is to do well in school, she's already a B student and she's working hard for that A.

Ebony was playing on the chemistry table and an accident occurred. Rylan and I ran when we heard the kids scream and put the fire out. No one was hurt but we did have to replace the carpet along with the table. Forest and Ash ran outside as soon as they could, the fire brought back memories of Jack and were scared for Ebony. Bijou just stood there watching us get things under control without being able to move. We just calmed them down and now everyone is sleeping.

Since we can no longer sit at the table together, we use both tables so no one feels left out. We're all important, it's just we can't find a table for 9. We might forget about buying one and expand the island.

I love seeing them dance together. This house has brought me a lot of good things and I'm sure it will be the best place for our future generations to grow and succeed in life.

It's party time!
Rosie picked the amusement park for her birthday, we came early to enjoy the day as much as possible. Rylan had to work, I told him to call but he forgot. He'll come later when the guests arrive, right now there are things I still have to do.

Rosie and Ash have been enjoying the rides. We've never been here before so they're exploring everything. I went for a swim earlier, this is a nice place to spend the day.

Aspen and Pearl won't leave the store, they've been asking for everything they see. At least they can play with them, no rules against that here. I haven't seen the twins or Forest all day, I don't know what they've been doing but it's almost time for the cake. The guests are already here, I'll go call them because it's getting late.

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