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Friday, May 15, 2015

DP - Prince Virtuoso

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Prince virtuoso

Going outside to play is always good for my kids. It helps them calm down, get some fresh air and see things in a new way. I still don't understand what could possibly be wrong with this lot. In all the time we've been here, we haven't seen anything odd. My kids are doing great in school and Rylan has a great job, I don't think this place is cursed.

Forest is so excited he finally finished his list and we are so proud of all of his hard work. He learned to draw when he was sad; it made him feel better after putting all his emotions on his drawings.

Rylan said it was time and bought us the treadmill I've been asking for. I still haven't used it, he's the first one on it, I think he understands we're gaining weight. As we get older our metabolism won't be the same and going for jogs doesn't quite work for us. He's making more money now so we can afford it. Things are going great now, having a roof really makes a difference.

Aspen is catching up fast, he's learning the violin now. He's going through the list faster than all the others. We never would've guess our lazy boy would be the one to finish it faster.

I just tested the treadmill and I like it. I'm setting up a routine for myself; every night after the kids have gone to sleep and hopefully before Rylan gets home from work I'll run for an hour. I'm also going to start making healthier meals for the whole family. The kids might not gain weight right now but it can't be good for their health.

I took the kids to the park after they finished their homework so Ebony could make friends her age besides her siblings. The rest of them ran looking for rocks. After we came back from our egg hunt, they've been obsessed with them. They like that they can find different things in them and they get together to see what treasures they get; I have six young miners at home.

Bijou brought a toy from home, seems like the park isn't fun enough. I have to teach them to be responsible so they won't leave the toys here. Maybe they should have a place to keep them all in one place, I always find them all over the house.

Hadn't seen Grim in a long time, we used to run into him at the library. I never thought I'd find him here at the park. Apparently this is where he comes to exercise and stay in shape. Although I'm starting to think he likes to play Chess and is probably always looking for new competitors.

Ebony made two friends, Brycen and Dominick. We didn't see other girls at the park so I think we'll have to come back another time. Either way, these two boys are so nice and are always welcomed at my house. They might even teach my kids new things, I hear one of them loves to read.

We're back at home, Rylan will be home soon. The kids have gathered the things they found and are very excited because this time Rosie and Aspen have two time capsules and they can't wait to see what's inside.
Ash and Bijou brought home two small white pieces and Forest got a big goldish rock. We don't know what they are but they look pretty.

"I reached the top!" It's the first thing Rylan said as he walked in. They promoted him and they gave him a signed guitar as a reward. We have to celebrate this! I'm surprised he doesn't have a party planned, being the party animal he is. I'll propose that tomorrow, he has work these next three days but maybe we can have one next week.

Rylan said he's working on a song for me, he won't let me hear it yet but I know it'll be special.

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  1. I'm actually surprised that Harmony still has a pretty good figure after all those kids - with my sims even one kid makes a noticeable change to their shape!

    1. I know, with the first kids her body didn't really change. I had another save when the mother's body did change after one kid.