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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DP - Our Seventh Wonder

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Our seventh wonder

Baby No. 7, 2nd trimester baby bump
This time we even have a room for the baby. We've decorated it and painted the walls. All of our kids, except for Bijou, have used the same bassinet. I don't know if my kids will want to keep it and use it but I'll hang on to it just in case.

Rosie and the Frosts are back! We were so happy to see our little girl again, we missed her so much that we all went to see them right away. Everyone got to share their stories with us and we told them about the baby. Even Ebony had something to share with her sister, she finished her list. The only one that needs to catch up with them is the new baby, but there will be a lot of people at home to help.

Rylan licensed two songs, he wrote Finding Hope on the piano and My Princess on the guitar. We'll be making money off of that as well and I'm still writing books. I think we're ready to start building our kitchen.

Rylan has been working on the kitchen, I told him this was fine for now. He's been upgrading things as well, he finished with our main bathroom last week and after this he said he'll be working on the stereo but I think that can wait after the baby. I'll be giving birth soon and I need him to be available for that time.

Baby No. 7, 3rd trimester baby bump
This has been the easiest pregnancy of all. I'm thinking we're finally having a happy baby, maybe it'll be more like me and be a cheerful kid.

I went into labor at 9 this morning after the kids went to school. Things weren't so bad, six kids later I think I can handle a little pain. I took naps until the baby was ready to come. I made sure to leave Rylan out of it until it was time so he wouldn't panic like last time.

Rylan was going to work but asked me if he should stay today, I told him he didn't have to. We've been through this before, things will be okay and the kids will be home all day. I just told him to stay with me until the baby was born.

It's Thursday and we met Pearl Kingson at 12 pm. I can already see her with her black hair and brown eyes just like the rest of us. I wonder if she'll look more like one of the kids or like one of us.

Rylan is so happy to have another girl. He doesn't want to leave us so soon but he'll be home before he knows it and he needs to work, now more than ever. Our seventh kid, I never thought I'd have seven kids. I think I made the right choice by coming here, this place is way better than back home where my family doesn't want me.

Elsa called and asked if she could come over, she didn't know the baby was born. Rylan was relieved because he was about to leave for work and she could stay with me until the kids got home. I didn't think I needed help, I wasn't doing anything, my plants and books could wait.

I wasn't expecting this at all. The kids got home and thought it'd be another normal day but when I called them into the room, I was the one in for a surprise. Ash and Forest were sad because there was a new baby in the house. Rosie and Ebony were mad because it meant less time for them and more time away from me. Aspen didn't say anything about it and acted like nothing was different. It looks like I'll spend the day cheering kids up and assuring them we love them as much as we love Pearl.

Bijou is the only one that's happy to have a baby sister. She can't wait until she's older to play with her and go exploring together. She's going to show her all the cool places around our lot and tell her all they've learned about the different plants and rocks they see.

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