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Monday, May 18, 2015

DP - Bittersweet

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"We're going on vacation and I thought you'd like to join us Rosie. Harry wants you to go with him so he won't be alone all of the time." I heard Elsa talking to Rosie. I think it's a great idea if she decides to go. She'll be a teen soon and deserves a break from school and all the work she's put into finishing everything on her list. We can't afford to go on vacation right now so she should at least get to go with the Frosts.

"We're leaving Saturday morning, you can bring her in the morning or she could spend the night at our house on Friday."
"I'll tell Rylan about it and we'll let you know. Speaking of Rylan, can we have the party at your house? We're inviting only a couple of friends."
Rylan liked the idea of having a party to celebrate his promotion. He was thinking of having it at the park but I thought of Elsa and Jack's place.

We have been planning the party and getting things ready for Rosie's vacation so we've been very busy. Today Bijou came to tell us she had finished her list too. She's our fourth child that is ready to move up and come up with new goals. Rylan said we should teach them to be more independent so we're letting them make their own lists once they become teenagers.

The party went great, we went to the Frosts early to help them clean up and get the kitchen ready before the caterer arrived. The rest of the guests got there just in time for dinner. I wanted Rosie to spend more time with them before going on vacation so she could feel more comfortable around them. She seems excited to go with them now, we'll miss her but it's important that she gets to know others as well.

It's Rosie's last day at home and we got the kids together before she leaves and told them our plan. One day before their birthday they'll make their new list, we'll go through it with them for advice only. This encouraged Aspen and Ebony to continue working on theirs and be more excited about finishing it soon. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out together as a family.

We wanted her to sleep in her room today and walk her across the street in the morning. Tonight we talked to her and told her to have fun, that we love her and we are so proud of her. We'll be seeing her soon and this will be a great experience for her and she'll learn a lot from it.
It's sad to see her go, we've never been away from each other that long and she's our first child, our little princess. We're going to miss her and I'm sure her siblings will too. There will be a chair alone in the kitchen every time we eat without her and we'll think of all the times we've sat there together. Whenever we go out to explore or have an adventure, there will be an empty spot that will remind us of all the times we went out as a family.
I remember Rosie's first party and how everyone was so excited to meet the baby She grew up too fast and now she's old enough to go without us.
We learned a lot with her; how to take care of a child and start thinking of others. She taught us a love I didn't think was possible.

Aspen finished his list and says he's ready to grow up. We told them he still has to wait a little longer, he's the youngest and all of his siblings have to grow up first. We told him to enjoy this time because it goes by so fast and once gone, there is no coming back. He'll have more responsibilities and soon he'll have a family of his own.

I've been feeling sad that Rosie isn't here. I called Elsa to ask how they were and I talked to Rosie. She's having fun and things seem to be going great with their trip. She said she misses us too but she's happy she got to go with them. They are very nice and are happy she's part of their adventure.
Rylan came home and asked me what was wrong. I told her I missed her and I told him that I called. He said it was okay for me to feel that way but that we could talk to her anytime and that we'd be seeing her in a few weeks.

Well, this was a surprise. I'm sure my face gives it away but I still don't know how I'm going to tell Rylan. Baby number seven is on the way and all I think about is what am I going to name him or her.

I was nervous but was hoping he'd take it well. He finally has a steady job and we're making enough money to afford meals and finish building our castle. I've published more books and I'm writing a couple more, a baby is a nice addition to our big loving family. I'm sure the kids will be happy as well.

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  1. Aww so that's how you got around having more than 8 sims in the household! I was wondering how you'd do that!

    1. I had to find a way to have them all be kids at the same time, it was so hard to make the choice. I actually found out there's a mod that lets you add more sims to your household (with consequences) but I was afraid my computer wouldn't support it so I opted for this option.