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Friday, April 17, 2015

DP - A Day with the Frosts

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A day with the frosts

Rylan has the day off and he went with us so the kids could meet the neighbors. "You need to be on your best behavior. No running, no fighting and you have to be nice to them." We had to make sure they wouldn't scare the Frosts. First impressions are very important right now.

Jack opened the door and let us in. They have a nice house, I wonder if I'll ever get to see my house like that. "Everything is so clean, please don't make a mess." I reminded my kids it wasn't our house.

The kids were excited because they have a pool. They invited them to swim and play while we talked. They also met their son, Harry and seemed to get along with him. That was another thing I was worried about but we were having a nice time.

Jack insisted on making dinner, we had lunch at home but he said the kids were probably hungry. We stayed outside with the kids to keep an eye on them. Harry didn't feel like swimming today but he still sat with us; he didn't mind getting his clothes wet.

Forest, Bijou and Harry were the first ones to run inside. They heard Jack's screaming and called us; something was wrong. He had caught on fire while making dinner. We went inside as soon as we could and told the kids to get out of the pool. I don't know where Elsa was but I don't think she heard what happened; Harry had to go look for her.

We told the kids to stay calm and that they had to go outside. Elsa caught up with them, she heard screaming and thought it was coming from outside. We helped Jack in the kitchen and after he was safe, we decided to come back home. We explained to the kids that fire can be dangerous, they need to be careful and learn first to cook before attempting anything on the stove.

Elsa came over today while the kids were in school. She came to tell us that Jack is better and that he's resting. I really don't know how they afford all they have when they're both stay at home parents.
Since Elsa was already here I decided to ask her more about this house. She said she had never come near the lot but it wasn't because she was afraid, she didn't believe the rumors. "What exactly happened? Someone in this town has to know something." I asked again. She didn't have anything else to say after that.

Elsa left in time to greet Harry at home and soon after, my kids came back. Ebony's socializing more and has a lot of friends in school but I'm happy she chose her twin as her BFF instead of someone else outside our family.

Rylan bought a violin for the kids a couple of days ago and already gave the kids schedules. Forest's turn was first and he's been practicing for hours. He's practicing in his room so the kids won't complain about the noise. He's still not sure he'll stick with violin but Rylan wants them to at least give it a try.

Aspen started working on his list and this is his first drawing. He's excited to have tasks like his siblings and already told us all the things he wants to draw.

I told Forest to rest for a bit, it was Bijou's turn to practice. She seems to like it and already asked if we could get her a better one.

Our night ends with Ash, Bijou and Forest playing together with their toys. Our house looks bad without wallpaper, I need to finish more books so we get enough money to be able to afford tile and wallpaper along with more furniture. I don't want my kids to live like this but I'm also glad that they learn that having money and nice things doesn't necessarily mean happiness. We can be happy together, even without a roof.

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