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Thursday, April 16, 2015

DP - Down the Hill

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Down the hill

Aspen, our lazy baby is a big boy now and we have our third artistic prodigy. Rylan was there with him when he aged up, he came home from work and decided our sixth child was ready. We were all sleeping so we got to meet him until this morning.

Today we're going on an adventure. I'm taking the kids out while Rylan works and we're going to go look for eggs. I still haven't told them what we'll be doing but I know they'll be excited. It was the perfect time for Aspen to grow up; he gets to be part of it. We'll have to take turns getting ready. We have more showers now but not enough for everybody.

I have the perfect place for our first adventure. Behind our house, down the hill there is a beautiful place and we're going to explore it. There are a lot of plants and rocks and flowers for us to discover. Everyone was excited and Rosie was the first one down. Aspen doesn't like to run so he's the last one but we'll wait for him.

"Our plan is to look for eggs but you may find other things. The golden egg has a surprise that you will all share, we're here to have fun so it's not a competition." I explained the rules first and I let them choose where they wanted to search. "Can I keep a cactus to take home?." Ash wanted a cactus as a pet, the adventure begins with my kids.

Aspen picked the well but he didn't find any eggs only a frog that I let him keep. Turns out we will have a pet in our house, it just won't be a cactus. Sometimes I wonder how Ash's mind works.

Forest, Ash and Rosie found three rocks close to each other. They didn't find any eggs either, just some random collectibles they also kept.

Ebony and Bijou, the twins, picked two other rocks hidden behind some bushes. They found an egg each along with other collectibles. No one found the golden egg but I told them we'd do this again sometime. It's good exercise for them, going up the hill is not easy. It's lunch time and now we go back home.

The kids wanted a bedtime story after their long day. We went to our new family room and I picked a book to read to them. I have to treasure every moment with them while I still can, soon they'll grow up and they won't want to spend time with me.

Rosie is working hard on the last thing on her list. She seems pretty good at it and every time she creates a new experiment she can't wait to tell her Dad she's closer to finishing. I don't know how he gets them to be excited about completing every task on those lists, they sound more like chores but I'm glad they're learning things. The more they learn, the less they need us and I really need to know that they'll be able to get by on their own.

Ebony and Aspen taking pictures before bedtime. Their bond makes me happy, they all get along even though they're very different. I wouldn't want that to change...

Ash completed all the things on his list and he couldn't wait to tell his Dad. He was going to surprise him but Rylan had another surprise, he got promoted! It looks like his schedule won't change anymore but at least he makes more money. Our big family needs to eat and we still have to finish building our castle.

We're going across the street to visit the neighbors in a couple of hours. Rylan still has to get ready; in the meantime I'm looking for advice. I found a feature in a magazine and they seem to help with problems. I think I'm going to send them an email.
When all the kids play together I think twice about what I should do. But a mother only does what she thinks it's best.

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