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Friday, March 27, 2015

DP - Change Is Good

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Change is good

Rylan calmed down after seeing it was only one baby. He grabbed his guitar and started singing for us and I feel very lucky to have all my kids and my husband. I wonder how this baby will be when he grows up but it doesn't really matter, we'll still love him.
Rylan is happy it was another boy and really loved the name Aspen. I told him we were coming up with names one night and I heard one of the kids mention it and I decided to keep it just in case.

I've decided to start jogging while I convince Rylan to get us a treadmill. The kids went to school and I left Rylan with Aspen while I went out for my first jog ever! I like our lot, I hardly ever think about the knight and what it means. I don't know why others were scared or why Rylan says everyone that knows we live here seem surprise. I'm going to go meet the neighbors soon, we haven't talked to them since we moved but I'm sure they'll know something.

Forest just came home excited because he is now an A student! The twins also had good news, they got a B on their grades and will continue working hard for that A. They now do their homework straight after school while I get lunch ready. I still remember like it was yesterday when we had to help Rosie and Ash with it or else they'd go do something else.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Rosie asked me after I took the picture. They see us taking pictures all the time and sometimes they take them for me but I still haven't told them what I'm doing. I don't want to worry them yet telling them about this place so I just smiled at her. They'll know soon enough. Rosie will be a teen in a month which means Rylan will be an adult. I'm happy but at the same time I wish we had a decent house, I'll see what we can do with the money we have saved.

Rylan gets home most nights after everybody already went to bed and I know it must be tough for him. At least he gets to spend time with Aspen who is usually awake. We have to make it a habit for Rylan to spend one day with all the kids, they should spend more time together while they can.

Rosie keeps teaching the other kids to dance. They say they're working on something but no one will give more details. They seem really happy together; they hardly fight, even my grumpy kid is nice to her siblings.

Rylan got us the bigger table and we are now able to eat together and nobody feels left out. He's working right now but if he were here, he'd be able to sit with us, even Aspen will have a chair. He also brought a chemistry table for Rosie, he wants her to practice and learn a few things before becoming a teen.

Rylan has the day off today and there are a lot of things he wants to do. The kids have school today so spending time with them will have to wait. He's starting with the sink that broke and after he'll fix the toilet. He said he has a surprise for me later, I don't know what he has planned.

We should be able to eat breakfast together everyday but my mornings are very busy getting everyone ready and off to school that I just don't have time to sit with him. It's nice to sit together and talk about grown up, important things. He seems worried, I'm telling him that we'll figure it out together, whatever it is he's thinking about. I don't know if he's scared to grow up because he hasn't done all the things he wanted to before becoming an adult. I have to help him somehow.

Before working on my surprise he said he wanted to make lunch for the kids today. He gave me the day off so I can work on my garden and writing all day.

We now have a roof! This was his surprise, we have a one story castle for now! He finished building walls all around our foundation and added a couple of walls inside. This will have to do for the moment; we ran out of money, he just left enough for food. We also had to add a few lights now that we don't have the sun for that. But at least we were able to give the boys their own room. Aspen will be joining them in a couple of days; our youngest will be a big boy!

Dinner is ready and we can all sit down together for a change. Somebody made a bunny out of the clay, they're getting good at it. I'm thinking it was either Bijou or Forest but I'm not sure. Today was a great day!

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