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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DP - Six Down

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Six down

It's a very peaceful Saturday morning. The kids are still sleeping while Rylan and I enjoy breakfast together.
We got the kids their own bathroom because with seven of us in the house it was getting crazy in the morning.

Ash was the first one up at 10 am and soon almost everybody else woke up. After they had breakfast I told them to do their homework so they'd have the rest of the weekend free. Ebony was the last one to get up and ended up having cereal. I don't know why they like our room when they have plenty of space in the kitchen table.

I gathered Rosie, Ash and Forest to read them a story, Rylan has been asking me if I'm reading to them, that it helps us bond and it's good for them to hear a grown up read.
The twins hadn't finished their homework so they spent our story time finishing it.

I made fish tacos for dinner and we sat down together to eat. I think it's time we get a bigger table, if Rylan wasn't working we wouldn't fit. I'm so happy I got to spend all this time with all my kids, having a big, special family is an amazing thing. There is always something new to learn from each of them. We were brainstorming baby names, there were a couple the kids liked but there was only one I liked. We'll have to find out if we get to use it or if we have to come up with a new one.

Rylan came home and found the twins still up. He went to tell them a bed time story before having dinner. He really is a wonderful Dad.

Baby No. 6, 3rd trimester baby bump.
I'm having a normal pregnancy again. I'm not worried about having twins, I know it'll only be one. We're excited to meet the new baby but we're not rushing it. We've been having a great time together and we know a baby will change my schedule.

The girls are so close even though they're very different. They haven't had one problem and they're always looking for each other. They're still working on their selfies but they look so cute together.

We got them a big bear to play with, being a kid doesn't last forever and we want them to enjoy it as much as they can. Forest and Bijou are the ones that play with it the most. Rylan also got them some clay, he says it's good for their creativity.

I had complained Rylan was always working and we hardly saw him. He's been having a lot of days off so I guess it was worth it. I forgot to mention we needed a bigger table and today we were all together during lunch. We don't want for anyone to feel excluded, we're all part of this big family but for today two of our kids had to sit on the couch; this time it was Ash and Ebony's turn.

Here we go again! It's Monday 1:30 am and our sixth baby is coming, this is the part that I don't like, I keep forgetting what it's like once I see my baby but everytime it happens I remember how bad this is. Rylan is still sleeping but I think he still has a couple of hours until the baby comes; my screams didn't wake him.

We had another boy! Before I had him though, I woke up Rylan and told him it was time. He ran, screaming if it was twins; he was worried about it. He had been very calmed about all the other births until the twins, I think he sensed something and now he's just scared. We only had one boy though; all his worrying was for nothing.

Aspen Kingson was born at night as most of our other kids. It was one of the names that were mentioned during our conversation last time. Can we say we're sure Aspen will have black hair and brown eyes like the rest of us?

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