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Monday, March 9, 2015

DP - Why, I'm Surprised

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Why, I'm surprised

It's Saturday 1:30 am and I'm in labor. This is our fourth baby and Rylan decides to panick, he hasn't done that with the others, you'd think he'd be used to it by now.
I already know how this works and I know I have time to clean, I think he was always busy when it happened the last three times but today he was sleeping and my pain and screams woke him up. The pain woke me up first, we were both sleeping and the baby wants to come right now.

We're so excited we can't believe it! But first, after I slept for a little longer he finally calmed down. I was in so much pain and he barely even noticed, he was so excited and he was done panicking. He realized we had been through this three times already.

We welcomed our baby girl, Ebony Kingson. We were happy we got to use the name we'd picked and liked and we were going to rest. It was after four and Rylan had work in the morning. There was just one thing...

We had another baby girl! This was a surprise for both of us, we didn't have another name either. We had to think fast and we welcomed Bijou Kingson. So we have twins, the kids are still sleeping but I think they'll be as surprised as us and as excited as well. I had already gotten over the fear of having more than one baby, that the thought didn't even cross my mind this time. I'm still debating whether to tell Rylan to take paternity leave for tomorrow so he'll help me with the girls.

I figured I could handle the twins on my own and if things got desperate the kids could entertain them; Rylan went to work. I've been busy all day with lunch, the garden and the twins which means the computer is free. Ash is spending his time practicing typing. We bought an activity table for Forest, we want him to get started on his list and we have the money right now.

Rylan got them their first toy which makes me excited. I've been wanting to buy them toys but we've been saving for our castle. With this, Ash can work on his motor skills like Rylan wants him to. I think Ash has the most pressure, he has to do well in school, work on Rylan's lists and he's the one that helps us around the house.

Forest started painting, his Dad wanted two pictures by the time he got home. After he finished his homework I told him he should start on them while dinner was ready.

Things were going great during dinner until Ash got mad at Rosie. We got him to calm down before he kept calling her more names and he continued with Forest. We don't know why he got mad all of a sudden, must be one of his mood swings.

We've agreed on bottle feeding the twins whenever Rylan is around because it makes it easier on me. I was able to only breastfeed the other kids but with twins, any help I can get is welcomed. Rylan has the day off today, I managed just fine yesterday by myself but having him around for the babies' second day is going to be great.

Rylan and I had a pleasant morning with the twins and just relaxing. He played piano for a couple of hours to get ready for work tomorrow. After the kids were done with homework he got them to work on their lists. Rosie has to work on her mental skills while Forest works on his creativity skills. Ash found a game about spelling and Rylan thought it was the perfect way for him to practice and have fun.

We spent our late afternoon as a family outside. It's only outside because we have a front wall but we get the same amount of sun behind that wall because we still don't have a roof. The kids finally have something to do instead of following us around watching us tend the garden. It was good for them the first times because they learned everything they needed about gardening so they'll be prepared but now there's nothing else for them to learn.

We had a nice family dinner together and we got to know our kids more. I spend all day with them but this was something he needed to do. Ash was so excited he kept telling him funny stories from school.

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  1. Rylan was probably panicking because he'd realised there would be so many of them - can't blame him :D