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Thursday, March 5, 2015

DP - You Do Care

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You do care

Ash likes to do the dishes while Rosie dances. He's too young to clean the sink but I know he'd help me with that if he could. He'll also start cooking as soon as he grows up, right now the stove is off limits but he helps with the trash as well.

Rosie is teaching him her dance moves. She's happy to have a friend her age and that's what her brother is to her. I still haven't told them we're expecting a new baby but they'll find out soon.

If our whiz kid still doesn't do homework on her own, our rambunctious scamp tries to avoid it as much as he can. Rylan came after work and made them do it, I thought they had finished it earlier but they lied to me. I don't know how they get out of doing it if they don't have anything else to do here.
I want to give them all the toys in the world but we can't afford it right now.

I look away for a moment and I find Ash playing in the trash. I had him mop the floor after he cleaned up the mess he made.
Rosie is an A student and we're very happy about that. Ash still has to work a little more to get there but we're not letting him stay behind.

Baby No. 3, 2nd trimester baby bump.
We're having lunch, the kids are back from school and Ash is now a B student. He's almost there and he's working hard to get the A.

Now is my turn to learn new dance moves. Ash is now an expert like his sister and he wanted to show me. Rosie feels like a teacher and says she'll teach Rylan after I learn all her steps. "You have to do what I do Mommy." That's what Rosie always tells me. I'm just hoping all this dancing won't induce labor.

Rylan got promoted, he is a serious musician and he has a new suit. He will now work from 3 to 9, the only time he'll see the kids is in the morning and on the weekends. We're still trying to get the kids to go to sleep at 9 but Ash is the one that stays up late cleaning up around the house.

Baby No. 3, 3rd trimester baby bump.
The kids are excited for the new baby; it'll be here soon. Ash can feel the baby kicking and moving, he/she wants to come meet us already.

Will it be a boy or a girl? We don't know and we haven't thought of names either. This time I feel bigger but I don't want to consider the possibility of twins.

With his new promotion, Rylan got a piano. The new baby will be here in no time and it'll be harder to go out again all together so this is easier. I think Ash wants to learn piano while Rosie will probably go for the guitar. I'm sure Rylan will mentor them once he gets a decent schedule.

We spent our Sunday morning tending the garden, Rylan had the day off and decided to help me. The kids were all over him asking him questions and getting his attention. They don't see him much and when he's here they don't spend enough time together. "Daddy, will you keep helping us with our homework?" "Will you have time for us even after the baby is born?" They kept asking their Dad and Rylan would just smile and tell them he'd make time for all of them.

They started to argue; we're going back inside. They keep saying they're just playing but the baby just started moving around a lot and I think it's almost time.

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  1. Nice family. Liking the story so far will be following their progress 😺