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Saturday, March 7, 2015

DP - Some Time Off

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Some time off

We finally have a table, Rylan got some new things with the money he got from his promotion. We'll be able to eat together as a family. I'm up earlier this morning because I was so hungry, this baby sure makes me eat more than the others did.

He also got something for baby Forest. We put it on top of his crib so he'll be entertained, poor baby he doesn't do anything but look at the sky.

He bought the computer so I could write books but also because he wants Ash to practice typing. I'm just happy I get to write again, my books have stopped selling so I need new material. I'm working on another non-fiction, I hope I get a bestseller soon. I just need to keep writing and with the computer at home it'll be way easier.

I don't know why they like doing their homework in our bed. Ash just told us he's an A student and we're so happy. I'm going to tell Rylan we need to buy them something to reward them. They've been working hard, especially because they don't really like to do homework.
Rylan had the day off today and we have new wallpaper. He got us many things, I feel like our house is starting to become a real house, we just need more walls.

Since he didn't work today we were able to have our first meal together as a family. I had to take advantage and told the kids we're pregnant with our fourth child. They are so excited, they love each other and they know having more kids in the house will only be more fun. Also, I think we've gotten used to having a baby in the house and Forest will be aging soon.

We have two A students and that means we don't need to supervise them anymore. They finish their homework on their own and they help each other out. I now believe they'll be able to help their younger siblings in the future.

Rosie is almost done with her first part on Rylan's list. She still needs to play one more game of chess because she just read two books with Rylan, they had to make the best of his day off.
He just told me he wants me to read with our kids, that's part of my list. I'll have to make time to read to my kids, he also brought home a bookshelf and filled it with children's books. I could have written some for them, though I think that would have taken me a long time.

Baby No. 4, 2nd trimester baby bump.
This baby makes me get up in the middle of the night to eat. I just breastfed Forest and I'm going to get some leftovers from earlier for me. We really feel like there is no baby in the house, he barely makes a sound.

I told the kids they should use the table to do their homework. After Ash cleans up the table, they have plenty of space for their notebooks.
Rylan wanted to take a vacation day because he was tired from working so hard these past weeks. He's been helping me with the garden and will make time for that chess game with Rosie later.

Rosie's becoming quite smart and getting really good at chess. I don't know who won but I'm sure it was her. All she needs is to read one more book with Rylan and she'll be done with her first part, I still don't know what he has planned for her next but he's already making plans for this new baby.

Baby No. 4, 3rd trimester baby bump.
I should have told Rylan to take his vacation tomorrow because Forest is growing up. We're not having a party but I at least wanted him to be here. He's working even longer now, he goes from 2 to 9 so he comes back exhausted and after the kids have gone to sleep. Also the baby will be here shortly after. This time we're prepared; we're more excited about the name if it's a girl but we'll manage with a boy.

It was only me and Forest in the house when he became a big boy; the kids were at school and Rylan was working. He had a big smile on his face even though he is also a gloomy kid. I only hope that helps him somehow because we have an artistic prodigy. I already see all the money we'll spend getting him everything he needs. But for my baby, I'll write more books so money won't be a problem.
All our kids have our eye color but the boys have Rylan's eyes and Rosie has mine. I wonder if we'll see that in this next baby as well.

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