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Friday, March 6, 2015

DP - Smooth Labor

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Smooth Labor

I went into labor at 1:13 pm but I slept through it this time. Rylan was finishing watering the plants and I told the kids to stop asking him so many questions, that things would be okay; they didn't need to worry about it. They didn't make much noise while I was sleeping, I don't know what else they did because they're usually dancing but I'm glad they let me have this moment of peace.

Our new baby boy came at 4 pm, Rylan almost missed it. The kids kept their distance giving us time to deliver the baby.

Forest Kingson is the new addition to our family. Rosie is sad and I have to see if it's because of her new baby brother. I'll reassure her that she's still our little girl and nothing can change that. Our sink broke but Rylan will fix that in a second. Ash took it pretty well, I think he's still doing his own thing. I'll tell him to come meet his new baby brother.

Ash went to talk to Forest and tell him everything he'll find out about our family and school when he gets older. I called Rosie and she was just having one of those times where she just gets sad. Once she saw the baby she was really happy to be a big sister once again.

Rylan always tries to help with the kids if he's home. He helps with the diapers and whenever they cry because I like to breastfeed. He's already making a list for Forest and he's asking the kids how they're going with theirs. He's been cutting me some slack because I've been pregnant or taking care of a baby but I'm sure he'll have one for me soon if he doesn't already.

It's Monday and it's back to our normal routine. I get up first to make breakfast for them whenever I can. I haven't had to wake them up, it's one of the things they do on their own. Their curfew sure helps in the morning. Rosie gets up first and takes a shower while breakfast is ready. Ash gets up after her and takes a shower while Rosie and I eat. Today I had to feed the baby while Ash was having breakfast and Rylan was waking up. The kids go to school, Rylan gets ready for the day and before work he practices his songs or writes a jingle while I tend the garden. As soon as he goes to work the kids come back from school and that's a whole other routine with homework and house chores.

What I love about my kids is that it doesn't matter how they feel, they do what they're told. As long as it's not their homework. Rosie has started doing homework on her own but we still have to keep an eye on Ash.

Ash really wants to do well in school, he just doesn't have the patience. He really wants to do his homework and extra credit but when it comes down to actually do it, he finds a lot of distractions. He ends up doing homework when he could be sleeping and all because he doesn't finish it earlier.

Forest is also a peaceful baby, he only cries if needs something, I think this is the reason why Rylan wants another kid. We hardly feel like we have a baby in the house.
Ash just completed the first part on his list and we're waiting for Rylan to get here to tell him. He's going to ask about Rosie's list but he needs to find time to sit with her and read.

Rylan just got promoted again, this time he's a professional pianist. All his practice was worth it, they even gave him a new piano. He says he'll teach our kids someday and he'll give it to them.
He's making sure Ash gets an A on his schoolwork, he got home from work, grabbed his dinner and went to sit with him. As usual Ash hadn't finished his homework. He tucked Ash in and came to tell me we should have another baby as celebration on his promotion. How can I say no when he asks it that way?

Well, he got what he wanted. I had to wake him up, I know it's the middle of the night but I knew he'd be super excited because this time it was his wish.

After all the babies I've had, I feel like my body isn't the same anymore. I don't know if it's just my hips getting wider or if I'm gaining weight. I should start working out soon, maybe I'll convince Rylan to get me a treadmill.

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