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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DP - Gloomy Time

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Gloomy time

I'm glad I met Rylan and that I married him. He's been working very hard to bring money and build our castle. He's waiting for his next promotion to add more walls. We'll need our own bedroom and with more kids in the house we'll need a bathroom with walls and a door. Although they've now asked him to learn to play piano and we don't have one, I think it will take a little longer. They're expensive and he doesn't have time to go look for one around town. He hasn't had a day off except for the day Ash was born.
He's also made plans for everyone. He wants Rosie to be smart, she'll be learning to play chess. He's going to read with her to see what reading level she has and help her with new words. He even made lists for the baby but that will have to wait.

It was easier having a baby in the morning, I'm not tired and I feel strong enough to tend my garden myself this time. I didn't need to ask Rylan to help me, he's working on some jingles. If it means more money, I can do it on my own.

Rosie came home asking about the baby. We told her she's now officially a big sister and we had a boy. He's sleeping but once he wakes up she can go talk to him.

She's introducing herself to her brother. She'll teach him around the school and help him with homework - she doesn't even do hers on her own. She's going to teach him how to dance - she loves dancing. They'll go exploring around the lot and behind the mountains. I'm happy she's thinking about what they'll do together once he grows up.

Sometimes she asks us to dance with her. But she laughs because she thinks she does it better. She's trying to teach us her dance moves but I think she's just better at it. It's our fun family time.

Sometimes this is what I wake up to. Both wake up sad and I have to cheer them both. This is the perfect time for that conversation, I try my best to not send her to school sad but there's not much I can do after she leaves.
I couldn't cheer her up but listening to music sometimes helps. It's not an easy job being a mom to a gloomy kid and a wife to a gloomy husband. I'm hoping the baby doesn't age up to be like that.

Rosie was a good baby, she only cried if she needed something but Ash cries all the time. He needs more attention than Rosie did and I don't know if I should be concerned. Rosie got mad the other day because I was spending more time with the baby and I hardly had time to be with her. She even said she didn't want a new baby. I don't think she meant it because she was excited when she first met him.

With a needy baby I had to ask Rylan to help me with the garden before work. It takes me twice as long to finish tending the garden because I have to stop every now and then to cuddle and rock the baby. I forgot to mention last time that we now have a trash plant and a pear tree. I love that I have more plants but that also means two more plants to weed, water, spray and harvest.
Rylan works from 2 to 8 so it's only just the two of us during lunch. She certainly misses him, they hardly see each other. The only time they have is the weekend but only in the morning, he still has to work.

She still won't do her homework on her own and it's now my turn to help her and keep an eye on her. At least this way I get to spend time with her and she'll know I love both of them the same.

Ash's birthday is coming up! I wanted to make a chocolate cake for him, Rylan hasn't said anything about a party so I wanted to be prepared in case it was only us. I'm still not pregnant, we haven't tried for a baby yet but I think it's for the best. I love being a mom but I have my hands full with my needy baby and my gloomy family.

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