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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DP - Out We Go

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Out we go

Ash is still a baby; thus, I'm spending my night awake. It's taking him longer than Rosie, I'm thinking is normal but we were looking forward to see him grow up. Rylan finally has a day off tomorrow, I'm going to ask him if there's something we can do.

Rylan thought having a party would help. We invited our old friends, maybe in our next party we'll see some kids; I noticed Rosie doesn't have friends her age. She also keeps getting calls from one of our friends, it's starting to get creepy. The party ended earlier but it didn't work and they finished the cake. I think we'll have to do this ourselves in the morning, poor Ash won't get to try his birthday cake.

We were going to go through with it in the morning but since Rylan has another day off and we wanted to go out as a family, we worked on the garden. It's almost 3 pm and Ash is a big boy! He has his Dad's eyes and black hair like all of our family. Now I understand why he cried all the time, my special family keeps growing. We have an insane, rambunctious scamp; he didn't like being tied up in his crib all the time.

Rosie came home soon after Ash aged up. It's so sweet to see them get along. I don't know how their moods will affect their relationship but it'll be an adventure for sure. This is why I don't work, my family needs me here.
Now that we're all together we're going to the library to work on some of the things on Rylan's lists.

I was uncomfortable letting my little girl play chess with Grim but Rylan said she'd be fine. He was always playing chess every time we came here before we had the kids. I didn't know he liked to play chess, I guess he doesn't have a lot of work because we came at different times and he'd be here.
Rosie played two games; one with him and the second one with someone else. She still needs to play another game and read with Rylan; the library was full and we didn't get to do much.

I picked the library because you can find almost everything to work on skills; it's perfect for Rylan's lists. But also I was able to write another non-fiction. I now have written six books, last time I said I had four, but I was mistaken. I still haven't sold it to a publisher, I'll do that tomorrow. I only get royalties from two books now and having another one out in the world will give us more money.

Rylan went to learn piano for his promotion; I hope he gets a better schedule. He stayed there most of the afternoon. After he finished it was already dark and the kids have school tomorrow so we came back home.

Our trouble maker went to play and made a friend. Rylan wanted him to increase his motor skills but he didn't get that far.

This was my morning; one kid was angry and the other one was sad. I knew it was going to be an adventure. I had to calm down Ash and cheer up Rosie before school. I made them pancakes the day before and that's what they had for breakfast again. There was no time to make them something different today.
Rylan said he's pretty sure he'll get his promotion so we used a bit of our saved money getting new walls. We finally have our own bedroom and the bathroom has a door. It definitely makes things easier.

Baby number three is on the way! I'm excited, it doesn't matter how tough raising a family is, a new baby is always exciting news. I have to go tell Rylan, he went to help me with the garden after our morning celebration while the kids are at school.

Yes, another one! He couldn't believe it but got excited right away. He loves our children just as much as I do. He doesn't have to deal with all the mood swings around the house but I think he has enough with his own.

So far, all my pregnancies have been the same. You wouldn't believe I was pregnant the first trimester.
I have a feeling this baby will also be born in the morning, I should plan them all this way.

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