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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DP - Meeting the Family

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Meeting the family

The kids have gone to school, Rylan is in the shower, the twins are sleeping; it is my turn to eat breakfast. Rylan got another promotion, his schedule is the same but he is a Symphonic String Player. We talked about aging the girls up because it's been very busy around here. I hardly have time to tend my garden and make all three meals for the family. Rylan gets home late and when he's here in the morning he spends his time playing the piano. I've been trying to write more books but I've only managed to finish one. I can't wait for the kids to be older so they'll help more around the house.

Rylan was there when it happened, I was sleeping; it had been a long day. Ebony, the eldest twin is our insane, social butterfly. She'll have a great time at all the parties her Dad wants to have. He wanted to have one in the house for the girls birthday but I didn't think it was the best time. It'll have to be another day and he has to find another place.
We also celebrate that Forest is a B student, he'll soon catch up with Rosie and Ash who are A students. They all do homework together and we don't have to supervise them anymore. I like to help them out from time to time but it's also a huge relief because I can do other things.

Bijou soon aged up with Rylan's help. The twins don't really look much alike. Bijou could pass for Rosie's twin, only a bit darker. Bijou is our first evil, artistic prodigy. We're going to have to be careful with her; I don't want her getting into too much trouble, especially around her siblings. I got her another shirt and we got rid of the hat.

The girls aged up late last night so they didn't have school today. Rosie, Ash and Forest went to school and I told the girls to start their homework so they'd be ready for school tomorrow. It's nice that they have each other to go through things together and help each other out. I didn't have siblings but I always dreamed of having at least one.

Bijou got started on her list using the activity table we got when Forest aged up. She was all ready to work on the chores Rylan wrote for her.

Without any babies to take care, I was able to wait up for Rylan and eat with him. We had a nice evening just talking about us. I told him about the treadmill and that I thought I was gaining weight but he said I looked fine. I actually think he might need it too. Besides, a little exercise is not bad.

"I know what you're here to tell me. You only wake me up for one thing." That's what he said as soon as I asked if he was sleeping. We got a bit excited that we had a night off just for the two of us while the kids were sleeping. We're expecting our sixth baby! He's excited, it's just that is late and he's supposed to be sleeping.

Rylan thought today was a great time to have a party and celebrate. He took the day off today and as soon as the kids came back from school we went to his house. Or at least where he used to live before we got married. We had the party at their house and they were pretty excited to see us. Rosie wasn't too happy but I didn't want her to stay home alone. Ebony went right ahead and introduced herself to everyone in the house.

We offered to make dinner for everyone and caught them up on our growing family. They were nice people and even Rosie had a great time. We were there very late until it was time to bring everyone back home to bed. It's Friday so I'm not too worried about it, the kids don't have school in the morning.

Baby No. 6, 2nd trimester baby bump.
If I was doubting it before, I definitely am not now. I so need to start exercising after this baby comes. I'm going to have to tell Rylan we really need that treadmill.

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