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Monday, March 2, 2015

DP - Cleaning Buddy

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Cleaning buddy

Baby No. 2, 2nd trimester baby bump.
Even if she didn't have school today, I wanted her to catch up with the rest of the class. She wasn't thrilled but everyone goes through with it. School will help her in the future, at least I hope.

Now that she finished her homework I gave her free time so she could do whatever she wanted. She wanted to feel the baby, she's excited about her new sibling.

I'm teaching her gardening skills so she'll help when she's older. We spray for bugs because they eat the leaves and damage the flowers. She follows me around asking why we have to do things.

I knew this would come soon. I don't know why she's sad but she came to eat dinner with a frown on her beautiful face. Rylan isn't home so we can't talk about being gloomy yet. I want her to hear from someone that understands what she's going through. All I can do right now is cheer her up.

Baby No. 2, 3rd trimester baby bump.
No morning sickness with this baby, that's a relief. The stereo broke but Rylan will be up soon to fix it. It's Rosie's first day of school and she had some leftovers from yesterday's lunch. I forgot to put away the fish tacos we had last night and they went bad. Being pregnant makes me forget things.

I want her to have a bright day and learn as much as she can. She got new red shoes for school and she has her homework, she's ready to go. Maybe when she gets back, the new baby will be born.

She doesn't like to do homework and if we turn around she goes to do something else. Rylan said he'd help her and keep an eye on her until she finishes it. We told her we want to see As in every paper and exam she brings home.

I've been in labor since 6:30 this morning, I didn't make breakfast today. Rylan is telling Rosie her baby brother or sister will be here soon, when she gets home from school she'll meet him or her. She'll be a big sister and she'll have to help mommy out once in a while.

The pain is not too strong right now so I offered to do the dishes. I don't know if I'll be too tired later to do anything. Rylan has the day off today, I'm glad he didn't need to take paternity leave this time. We need the money and he's working on his promotion, he shouldn't skip work for anything.

I was about to eat my yogurt when I felt the strongest contraction. It was time for the baby to be born! I called Rylan so he could be with me and he could hold the baby as soon as it was born. This baby was born at 9:30 am and also on a Wednesday.

Breathe in and out. This time I was ready for the pain and knew to how to handle it. We have a baby boy! I don't want to get pregnant right away, I want to enjoy my baby boy and my little girl for a while.

Our second baby, Ash Kingson. His skin is darker and we're pretty sure he'll have black hair. I can't wait for Rosie to get home and meet her baby brother.
I just noticed I'm almost always wearing my night gown in all the pictures. I can assure you I own more clothes but maybe I should get more and actually wear them this time.

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