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Sunday, March 1, 2015

DP - Make A Wish

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Make a wish

Daddy is getting a better look at our baby girl this morning. We think is safe to assume she'll have black hair, other than that we don't know who she looks like. I'm still very tired, having a baby will mess with your schedule. Now we understand why they recommend different rooms. The baby cries very loud and the crying wakes both of us when it could only wake one.

My prince is very thoughtful, before heading to work - he's still working nights - he's tending the garden for me. He told me I could sleep, he knows I'm still tired. I taught him well, first weed the plants, then spray for bugs if needed. After that, water them but only harvest if they're ready. I guess I didn't have time to do anything yesterday with the party and then the birth.

I used to wait for him until he got home from work but after Rosie came to our lives, I can barely stay up during the day. Now he eats dinner alone while we sleep. He should find a way to work mornings instead of all afternoon.

He's becoming quite the musician; he plays for us and we love to hear him and dance to his songs. I don't think I could have found a better prince for our future kingdom.

I've been feeling better and with more energy. We've decided it's time to eat more than just fruits so I'm cooking now. But I also tend my garden, I can sell the flowers I harvest. We're saving as much money as we can, food is expensive and soon I'll have to make food for three. The trees and plants are coming along great, I've been evolving them and they give better produce each time. I'll have to teach Rosie so she can help me with the garden once she's older.

Our baby will stop being a baby soon and how do we celebrate? We try for a new baby. We're expecting our second child, now that I know what to expect and how it's all worth it - we love Rosie - I am so excited! We should think of names this time, with Rosie it was a last minute name idea. I don't want to name this kid with the first thing that comes to mind.

I told Rylan the news and he reacted the same way he did the last time. He might seem like he doesn't really mind much but he's really good with Rosie and I know he loves her a lot. I know he'll be excited once he sees this kid for the first time. It's different for them, they only experience a relationship with them after their born but we get to have it from the beginning.

I hope it wasn't too soon and Rosie doesn't think we're replacing her. I want her to love her baby brother or sister and be a wonderful big sister. She's our first child and she has a very special place in our hearts. I could love a hundred babies the same if we had them. I just hope I don't have to go through that.

Rylan got promoted to Jingle Jammer and we finally have enough money to start building our castle. We have the foundation and the front wall. At least we have a little more privacy now. He finally had a day off so he worked on that. He wants to have a party for Rosie since she's aging up tonight and he has free time.

This is his third and final party on his list. He's going to work on a new plan since the first part is done. He said we should have a costume party for our first child and he invited all our friends. It was really fun seeing the different costumes, I dressed in a waitress outfit but I was feeling bad and took a shower so I changed.

We made a hamburger cake for Rosie and this is her last baby picture. We now have a big girl in the house. That was also a private moment in our family and it happened after everyone left. Either way I don't think they would have paid attention, everyone kept dancing until the very end of the party and it was time to leave.

I knew she'd have black hair. She is a gloomy, whiz kid like her father. We haven't talked about the gloomy part but I'm sure I'll have to cheer them up both soon. I don't mind; for them I'll do anything.

We were really tired after the party but Rosie wanted to try her cake now that she was finally able to try it. She was born at night and I'm thinking she's going to be a night owl. We haven't set rules for her yet but we should do that soon, starting with curfew. It's her first night and she won't have school for another day so today she can sleep when she gets tired.

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  1. Oh boy, very brave of you to do the whole lawn living thing with a baby! You're one gutsy simmer!

    1. :D Harmony didn't have a job and she barely had time to write, they couldn't afford it and I needed them to have kids soon.