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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

BB - Eviction Day

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Eviction day

Welcome to Eviction Day. Our first eviction and since they broke the TV, we've added a new one just for today while they were sleeping. They all slept last night, it was great. We've also taken all the electronics to fix them. There will be changes when they wake up.

We are getting close to the moment of truth. But first, let's see what happened today in the house.

Our first housemate to wake up today was Srikumar, we hadn't seen them all asleep at the same time since day one.
Alec scared Jaime, we don't want to see once Jaime gets tired of playing nice.
Later Jaime tried to get back at him but Alec turned it around on him and stopped his horn from going off.
That was not what Jaime expected.

The rest of the day was pretty normal, a couple games of chess, some housemates decided to swim, read some books, Alec made drinks and Christine ignored Mekhi.

Let's announce that we'll be starting soon.

     "Red House! You have thirty minutes to gather in front of the TV we've placed in the living room."

     "Hello. Are you guys ready? We've been waiting for this all day."

     "Everyone voted yesterday and we have counted the votes. One of you will be going home tonight. The rest of the house needs to come back after you have said goodbye for a special announcement."

     "Mekhi, Srikumar and Christine you have been nominated by your housemates. One of you is safe and won't be leaving yet.
Christine, we decided to grant you immunity this week along with Isabella and Blair for appropriate and calm response in an emergency. You won't be going home today. That leaves us with Mekhi and Srikumar".

     "And the evicted housemate is...


     "You can say goodbye so Mekhi can get here soon. The others need to come back to the room."

     "The past few days you got to know each other more, you were open to other things and that was all because of the electronics. This week we have a surprise. All the broken electronics we took will be fixed and returned next Sunday. You will stay all week without them. Spend your time wisely, we are already in our second week. Good luck."

We are back with Mekhi, our first housemate out of the house.
     "Welcome back to the world. What did you think of eviction night?"
     "I can't say I'm shocked. I didn't really connect with anyone but I was hoping I'd have more time. There was so much I could have done in the house. I could have spent more time getting to know them."
     "Someone had to leave and this time it was your turn. Thank you for being part of this experience. We will miss seeing you in the house."

Thank you all for coming and keep on watching the Red House to see what they do now that Mekhi is out. Who will be going home next week? Hope to see you back. Good night.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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