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Monday, December 22, 2014

BB - Day Seven

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Day seven

Welcome back as we get ready to end their first week and send one housemate home. Stay with us, starting at 12 pm we'll bring each to the diary room so they can cast their vote.
How have the housemates been feeling away from their family and surrounded by seven strangers?

It's voting day! Isabella and Alec start it by hugging. Wishing each other luck.

Srikumar is cleaning up the house. You never know when it'll be your last day.

Alec and Christine have a midnight chat. Alec is making sure his place is secured.

It's a hugging day.

4:50 am Everyone is getting some sleep before morning comes, it's going to be a long day.

Blair is going to paint us a picture in case she has to leave us, we'll have something to remember her.

It's a pool party. Two hours before the diary room opens and our first housemate enters.

But who is that supposed to be? Is that how she imagines the house?

Isabella is making breakfast for everyone.

Mekhi and Jaime share last minute ideas.

I think Isabella just called everyone for breakfast. Last day they will all be together.
She just tricked them! She only made four servings and those that were closer got them.
Not the best day to do that. Will she have four votes against her because of this?
Thirty minutes left until our first housemate shares with us his experience so far.

Alec is our first housemate in the diary room.
   "Welcome Alec, what do you think of your first week in the house?"
   "It's been a little rough, maybe it's because I like things clean but no one seems to care about it. Everyone's been nice so far but I feel like they're still pretending, I can tell some of them are not their true selves. I've made no friends, but I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to win. It's been frustrating not being able to get out, even though we have a lot of things and it's a nice house. Sometimes you just need a new environment."
   "We understand. We'll also tell you that if you decide to leave, you can do that but you won't be able to come back. It's totally your choice.
"Let's cut to the chase. Who do you think should go home tomorrow and why?"
   "It's hard to chose, I don't have any enemies and so far things have been going great. But I guess I'm voting for Mekhi. He mostly does things on his own, it's like he's not even trying."
   "Wouldn't that be something you could relate to? You keep to yourself as well, why is it not ok for him?"
   "Uhm... Right, well... I'm trying to stay in the house, he's competition and it's my vote."
   "Very well, you may leave now."

What have the others been up to while Alec was in the diary room?

Mekhi is up next.
   "Hi Mekhi. What will you share with us?"
   "It's been good. Can't complain about much."
   "Have you made friends, enemies?"
   "I've been trying, it's still too soon to tell if we're compatible."
   "Ok, we won't take much more of your time. Who do you want to send home and why?"
   "Christine. I have nothing against her but she's strange."
   "Have you talked to her?"
   "I've heard things."
   "Fine, that's totally acceptable. You may leave."

Back in the house...

Our favorite author is now entering the room.
   "Srikumar, we've been having trouble with your name since the beginning."
   "Happens all the time, no problem."
   "How has life in the house treated you? We remember on your first day, Isabella walked in on you using the restroom."
   "Why did you bring that up?
"I think that's how everyone remembers me. First incidents are the ones that last forever."
   "You also gave us a scare the second day. You caught on fire, we were so close to stopping the competition."
   "We all got scared that day. But nothing to worry about anymore, everything is fine, I won't sue if that's what you mean."
   "Of course not. We were really concerned for you."
   "Thanks. I had two tough days at first but things got better after that. Everyone has been really nice; Isabella and I got over the first bad impression and we've been getting along."
   "So, who will be your vote this week?"
   "I'm going to go with Christine. Though she'd be an amazing character for my next book, I don't think she's ready for this house. It's just the beginning, things will get crazy later."
   "Speaking of your books, would you say you'd help us out if you wrote one from this experience?"
   "I'll think about it."
   "Thanks, that's all for today."

Back in the house...

Our first female.
   "Isabella, welcome. You are our first female to enter the diary room. Ever! What do you have for us?"
   "Then, I better make a good first impression. Have you been following me around the house? I've been following everyone, even to the restroom."
   "We know, we've seen that. Makes quite a show."
   "Well, I figured if we're already going to spend a long time together in the house, why not know every little detail. Of course, we never know when we'll have to leave, better start right away."
   "Very interesting thought. How about you tell us who you want to see go home tomorrow? Do you have any friends in the house?"
   "I do, Christine and Adelyn. I really connected with them, I just hope neither of us go home yet. There'll be plenty of time before we have to become rivals. So, if I had to kick someone out... It would have to be, Mekhi. I don't care for his jokes."
   "Thank you Isabella."

Back in the house...

We're halfway through the housemates. Our last male is coming.
   "Jaime, have you been having a good time? We've noticed you've behaved so far, thank you."
   "I can't promise anything. You can't change me, you accepted me knowing how I am."
   "Right, moving on...
"I don't even know if I should ask if you'd like to tell us something or just make you vote."
   "True, that's how it works. Ok, you need me to tell you something. Well, I've been talking a lot with Christine, I think we could go far. She might even be able to help me out on some projects. I've made no friends, don't need them and from here I only think Adelyn would be worthy of my friendship. Anyway, Srikumar can go home tomorrow."
   "Ok, you can leave."

Back in the house...

Hopefully our next housemate won't be as rude as Jaime. Why do we have two snobs in the house?
   "When will you fix the computer?"
   "Of course. We're still thinking about it. That face won't work with us.
"Besides the computer, anything else you like from the house? Any friends?"
   "Isabella is the only friend I have so far but the others are not bad. The thing is, it is a competition and I want to win, that's why I came so I have to pick one and this week I say Srikumar needs to leave."
   "That is how competitions work. We'll have to see what the others say. Thank you."

Back in the house...
Mekhi just scared Blair and she's next in the diary room.

   "Blair, we just have to tell you that the guitar has to stay in case you leave. I think you should put it back where you found it. We don't have souvenirs here."
   "I hope that doesn't mean you already know I'm leaving."
   "We just have to say that because we saw you put the guitar with your stuff.
"We saw you finally decided to play the guitar and paint. Why did you wait so long to use them?"
   "There had been many other things to do. Now that we don't have any electronics left we needed some sort of entertainment."
   "We take it you're really liking the house."
   "I am. I have a gym, lots of different activities and food, what else could I ask for?"
   "That means no friends, but are there enemies? Someone you'd want to leave."
   "No enemies. I find Mekhi funny, even if he just tried to scare me. I haven't spent much time with Jaime or Srikumar, I'm sure they are nice but I need to pick one and that is Srikumar. He might become very strong later on, I have to try to get him to leave now if I can."
   "Thank you, one more vote and you'll find out tomorrow who gets to go home so soon.
"Oh, and please put the guitar back now."

Back in the house...

Our last housemate.
   "Christine, you were our first housemate in the Red House."
   "Yes, it was so exciting, so many new things. If only you could add more things once in a while."
   "I'm sorry we can't do that. We're already spending much more money than we planned to repair everything you've broken."
   "It's just I've been through so many things, I figured..."
   "We understand, do you need to talk to our counselor? Have you made friends with some of your housemates?"
   "I have, Isabella is very nice and funny."
   "Great, now that we changed the subject. Who are you voting for tonight?"
   "Jaime has been great, always there for me. I just hope he has good intentions. I've talked to everyone but the one that I think should be the first to go is Mekhi. There hasn't been anything bad but we just haven't talked much and I don't think that'll change."
   "You have just given us the last vote. The rest is up to us, to count votes and announce it tomorrow. Thank you, you may leave."

Back in the house...

This is the end of voting day for us. Now we go count and make a decision. One housemate will go home tomorrow. Come back to see who it'll be.

Their last night together, everybody is doing their own thing. But they did spend all day talking.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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