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Friday, December 19, 2014

BB - Day Four

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Day four

3:30 am Are you here with us this early? We start this day with Mekhi eating dinner/breakfast.

Is Christine opening up to Blair?
Not what we expected from Blair.

Christine doesn't look happy, is she thinking about leaving the house early? Has she had enough?

What is Jaime up to? He's been behaving so far but what will his personality get him into?
Have Jaime and Christine planned something? They've been going around talking to other housemates.
Meanwhile Srikumar and Mekhi are sleeping.

This is the first time we see Srikumar using the gym

Does Alec need glasses? Using the computer is probably not a good idea.

Christine just made some oatmeal for Jaime, what is really going on between them?

Why would he put the empty bowl back in the microwave? Is there some sort of secret message hidden on it?
12:30 am Our day ends here with Mekhi watching the cooking channel while everybody else sleeps.
Today started with Mekhi and ended with him, I think he's starting to grow on me.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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