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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BB - Day Two

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Day two

Welcome to day two in the Red House. We're just getting started but seems like they don't want to waste time.
It's an early morning for the housemates. Blair and Christine are the first ones up and it's barely 4:40 in the morning. Although that doesn't matter to them because what is the first thing they do? After a quick run to the bathroom Christine goes to the platform and play a little before someone else beats her to it.

And just in time because Jaime who is just up was heading towards the platform as well. Obsessed, I tell you!

Mekhi is up after three hours of sleep, maybe he's too hungry to sleep.
Adelyn, Isabella and Alec are also up, the only one still in bed is Srikumar. Looks like our author is not an early bird.

Now that everyone is up we're noticing there aren't enough bathrooms in the house. This morning is turning out to be a very chaotic one. Will they work out a schedule?

Our cooks are heading to the kitchen to make breakfast, I wonder what they'll make today.
Adelyn seems to think better of it and before continuing making the taco casserole she's going to play Hillock II. When did we get them so many games and why did we think that was a good idea?

Jaime is going for a quick meal; he's too hungry to wait for actual food. I'm sure there will be plenty of that in minutes.
Alec has decided to clean the mess everyone is doing, perhaps we should have given them a bigger kitchen, everybody wants to cook.

7:26 am Breakfast time!
Why won't they use this time to eat together and get to know each other more. The more you listen and observe, the easier it is to know who to send home this week. Srikumar is already done after eating alone in the dining room, now time to warm up by the fire.
We've got a taco casserole, hot dogs and Jaime's still happy with his microwave meal.
That's still no reason to criticize Alec's cooking.

Mekhi is going to have breakfast away from everybody, isn't Alec the loner? At least Jaime has come to keep him company. Jaime has been looking for his ally, he knows how to play this game.

Oh no! Fire! Fire! Srikumar just caught on fire, somebody should go help him! Where are our ambulances? Get them in there quickly!
Everybody is in the way, what's taking so long?!
Wait, looks like our housemates are helping him. Isabella, Blair and Christine just came with fire extinguishers, that was such a great idea. Whoever put them in there is a genius. Give them a raise!
But what are the others doing? Screaming won't help Srikumar.
Seems like the fire is out, looking for the nearest exit is no longer important.

That was so close! Blair, Christine and Isabella have saved the day! Should we give them immunity this week?

Back to breakfast. The house is a mess but it's not the number one priority right now. Srikumar is the only one who's still affected. I hope his bath will help calm him a little, at least he'll get rid of the burnt clothes.
In the mean time, the fire place is out for the rest of the competition! We don't want any lawsuits.

Everything is back to normal, it's 10:00 am and they're finishing their breakfast. Mekhi has gone to take a nap on Christine's bed, the fire did make him very tense and he had very little sleep last night.

Srikumar is out of the bathroom, maybe watching TV with Jaime will help take his mind off the accident.

Everybody else is off to different activities.

Nothing like an accident to bring them together. We're happy they're all alive.

Finally our mixologist goes to make some drinks.

Did Jaime just leave Christine in the middle of a chess game? They were getting along great, what might have happened between them? We missed it!

What will this mean for them?

Alec just turned on the radio, hope everyone likes blues.
Spoke too soon; our art lover is critiquing the painting we added to the kitchen. We should have consulted an art expert.

Christine is cleaning up, I guess they do care. We just need to give them some time.

6:30 pm And we have a party!

8:24 pm Jaime is ready to call it a day and goes to sleep.
Guess it's almost the end of day two.
Our gloomy housemate goes to take a nap to see if it helps cheer her up. Alec and Adelyn are getting along. Careful! Alcohol makes you talk.
Srikumar thinks it's been a rough day and it's time to rest. He takes Blair's bed, what will she say?

Adelyn takes Isabella's bed and Isabella takes Christine's. There is no order anymore!

11:30pm Everyone is off to bed except Christine who is up from her nap and goes for a little fun at the platform.
Oh no! She broke the platform! I guess it's dinner time for her then.
Blair is back up and after a quick training is going to grab dinner, again! This is her third plate, we're not judging, just counting.

Christine is our only housemate awake; after a little dance she's now emptying the juicer and finishing cleaning up.
No one thought it was a good idea to turn off the stereo! They don't pay bills, they don't care.
Aside from the drink, she did a good job getting the house clean. At least inside, outside is still a mess.

This is the end of day two for us; the housemates have been looking for allies. So far we've seen Christine and Jaime hanging out a lot. Isabella and Srikumar got off to a rough start but the incident brought them close. Mekhi is the one that hasn't really made time to interact with others. He spent all day taking naps; we thought Alec was the loner.

Tune in next time to see what the housemates will get into.

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