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Sunday, December 21, 2014

BB - Day Six

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Day six

We're one day away to see what they think of their housemates. First week, let's see who they want to see go home.

It's still night time but it's the perfect time for Srikumar to use the TV; he can even get to choose the channel. No more cooking for him.

So mad, maybe you should probably clean up after yourself.

Isabella has come down to join Mekhi on the dance floor.
She looks uncomfortable. If they got a full night sleep, they wouldn't feel like that all day.

The TV has now broken, was it Srikumar the last one watching it?
What would they do without all the electronics?

Have the pranks started? What are they doing watching him sleep?

Why is Jaime sad?
He's a gourmet cook and all he seems to make are quick meals.

How good is Orbital Pudding that everyone keeps reading it? Is it one of Srikumar's books and everyone is trying to find something so they can vote him off?

The stereo finally broke! They left it on for four days. What did they expect?
We'll fix everything later, let's give them some time to think, they're voting tomorrow.

No one feels like cooking today, there is no time to waste.

That's the third book Srikumar reads today. No electronics is good for them, they're talking and reading.

Christine keeps opening up to the girls in the house. Is this part of her strategy?

Is their conversation not entertaining enough for Adelyn? Will this affect her vote?

What happened between them?

Alec is mopping the duck puddle. It's been bothering him since his first day in the house.
Srikumar doesn't seem happy about it.

We have a chess match going between Blair and Christine, who will win?

That's not a cook book, what is Mekhi doing?

At last, they picked up an instrument.

Is it a cooking battle? They're always watching that show, maybe they wanted to recreate it.
Alex never stood a chance, he's an inexperienced cook. Jaime is way more advanced.

Srikumar couldn't wait for their little game to be over, a microwave dinner it is.
Did Alec just take it from him?
It's been a very risky day.

Jaime is cleaning, we can't believe it.
We don't decide who leaves, there's no reason to look good for us.

Who will Adelyn vote for tomorrow? Did she just confide in Christine?

It's a nice night in the Red House. Jaime, Mekhi and Isabella have joined Alec listening to Blair.

We leave them here. Srikumar and Christine having dinner outside. Adelyn asleep while the others enjoy Blair's music.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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