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Monday, December 22, 2014

ISOA Trusting Others

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Trusting Others

Liz had found a way to decorate for the holidays, all she needed was for Max to trust her.
     "I found an invitation to Plum Day online, it's a party but not exactly a Christmas party. I thought we could go together."
     "Plum Day? If we can't take Zan with us, we can't go. We can't just leave him here. Where is this party?"
     "It's not too far but we'd have to travel and stay at the B&B, they'll take care of it we just have to RSVP. About Zan, I was thinking we could call Isabel to come take care of him."
     "Isabel is probably busy, you know how she gets around Christmas. Do you know the hosts of the party? Why did you get an invitation? We'd have to investigate them..."
     "Wait! Max, it was an open invitation on a forum, I haven't shared much there but I thought it would be fun. Remember Enigma? How much you liked it, I thought this year we could go together, we need this before the baby comes. Take it as a vacation, once the baby is born things will get more complicated, it'll already be with the plans alone. I'm sure Isabel will make time for Zan and she'll be glad to help us."
     "I'll call Isabel but we still have to be careful."
     "Thanks. And no investigation, The host, Cathy Tea seems nice and no one in the forums knows about us."

Max and Liz decided to go, Isabel had agreed to help and was on her way. They had to tell Zan but since they didn't know if they'd make it back before Christmas, Liz thought it was a great idea to get him a Christmas present early.
     "Do you like the frog your father and I got you as an early Christmas present?"
     "It's great. But why am I getting it now?"
     "Liz and I are going to an event this week but Isabel will come stay with you. We'll try to come back as soon as possible."
     "We won't be gone long and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with Isabel."
     "When will aunt Isabel get here?"
     "Around 5pm, make sure you're room stays clean"

Max and Liz would be leaving early the next day and had made arrangements in the baby's room for Isabel to stay. They still needed a crib and things weren't exactly ready but it was still too soon for that. They had gathered some stuff and they just kept storing them in the room, they weren't sure if it was a boy or a girl yet.

Isabel arrived later that day and was ready to meet her nephew for the first time. She had seen him as a baby before Max gave him up for adoption but he was now a big boy.

     "Hi! You must be Zan, you are so big."
     "Hi Isabel! I'm still not so sure about this, are you sure you're ok staying with him?"
     "Yes Max, we'll be fine. Go, have some fun and don't stress out so much."

     "Isabel. Thanks for coming on such short notice."
     "Zan won't be a problem, right Zan? If anything happens you call us right away. Let us know if you see something suspicious around the house..."
     "Nothing is going to happen Max. Isabel, let me show you where you'll be staying before Max regrets going."

     "This will be the baby's room but we put a bed for you."
   "You have clean towels and eveything else you need. The bathroom is across Zan's room and there is another one in our room you can use too."

   "Aunt Isabel, this is my room! Mom and Dad got me a frog, you have to come see it."

The next morning came and they said goodbye. Max and Liz were ready for Plum Day.
     "Max, why aren't you wearing purple? They suggested we take some purple clothes."
     "Yeah, I couldn't find anything purple and you know there was no time to go buy anything new. If this means we have to stay, I..."
     "Never mind, let's just go."

     "Be a good boy, you can also call us if you see something weird. Take care."
     "Goodbye Mom!"

     "I'll call us a cab."
     "Come on Zan."
     "Do as Isabel says. We'll miss you."

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  1. yay, I love your story. Max/Liz/Zan make a cute family. Waiting for more :)

    1. They do, don't they? I always thought Max shouldn't have given Zan up but I guess they were too young and he was right, Zan was completely human so there was no reason for them to risk him bringing him into all their chaos. Thank you so much for reading! :D

  2. I've been rhyming so much that this jumped straight out at me! lol
    "It's not too far but we'd have to travel and stay at the B&B, they'll take care of it we just have to RSVP."

    Too bad the guests only stay a day for Plum Day and the Robinsons missed you guys. :(

    1. Lol it does, I loved your post, I think I only read the first two parts. I'm going to go see today's post. But you are very talented.

      I know, it would have been cool if they had met the Robinsons. Hopefully in the future :) Thanks for reading