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Thursday, December 4, 2014

ISOA The perfect title

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The perfect title

   Since they were new in town, they still hadn't looked for jobs. They had thought about it a lot and had come to the conclusion that working outside would take time away from their real objective; they had to be available at all times. But now that a baby was on the way they were short on money so jobs were back on the table.
   "There has to be something that we can do here. I can start painting and once I'm good enough we can sell them, it might not be much but it's a start." Liz was always supporting Max, even if she had to postpone her dream of becoming a molecular biologst.
   "I can write books; we went through so much in Roswell."
Max and Liz found a way to make money without having to leave their house or work for someone else. They'd have as much freedom as they needed but still be able to support their growing family.

   First, Max had to start writing a book. There were so many choices, what could he write about? As he was sitting down in front of the computer he heard Zan playing in his room. He was so happy that he was now able to have him in his life. -- How could Tess lie to him and risk Zan's life like that? Taking him to Antar while being completely human, she should have known. -- That gave him an idea; he could write a children's book, it'd be short and wouldn't take as long as writing a full length novel.
They had already talked about the past with Zan and he had given his opinion of what it might have been like. The book would be a work of fiction based on his son's adventure but since he didn't remember about it, it would be from a baby's perspective. He knew enough about Antar for details and the rest would have to come from his imagination, all he needed was the title. It had to be fun and interesting enough to make children want to read it.

   Liz had been feeling nauseous and tired so she was going to wait until she was feeling better to start painting. She'd have to practice first; she knew it would probably take her a couple of paintings before she started making money but it would be fun. But she wasn't going to worry about that now. She had plenty of things to do like get the room ready for the baby, help Zan with homework when Max was busy, clean the house and take care of herself. It was her first baby and she didn't know what to expect. They were pretty sure the baby would be completely human, after all she wasn't really an alien and if Tess and Max had had a human baby, why would theirs be any different?

   Liz told Zan how she found out his father was different when they were in high school. She remembered it as if it had been yesterday, how she had been so happy as she saw Max sit beside her in Biology class. They were going to study the difference between species and as Max left the room, leaving behind the pencil that had been in his mouth, she thought she could take a sample from it and look at his cells. What she saw shocked her, they were green and looked nothing like human cells.
Zan was fascinated by the story and that's when he developed an interest for science. He kept getting samples from everyone to study in his chemistry set. He'd grow up to be as smart as his parents to help them in their quest.

   As Max and Liz were sharing ideas, coming up with a title for his book an idea came to him. Liz had just mention something about an orbit and that's when he knew he had found the perfect title: Orbiting Antar; the tale of a baby boy as he makes his first trip to a foreign planet.

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  1. I'm just starting to play an author Sim now and it's nice to see how you imagine the creative process, coming up with book names and plots.

    1. It's a cool feature, I like how if we don't sell them we can see the title and description once it's finished and read it. I just wish we could keep a copy once sold or if we could at least buy it after.