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Thursday, December 18, 2014

BB - Day Three

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Day three

Welcome back to day three in the Red House where we no longer sleep.

3:00 am Jaime and Isabella are up and enjoying the night outside. Are we listening to scary stories from Jaime?

Isabella sure is enjoying that book.
They haven't been here long but they're already thinking only about themselves. Adelyn just made BLT for herself and Mekhi made Mac and Cheese for himself. The others can make their own lunch.

Everybody gathered around in the tv room having a great time and Adelyn is alone using the computer. Probably palying a game. We haven't fixed the platform, that might be a reason why they're all together.

Everyone is getting along so far, will we see that on eviction day?

Are they making plans on who to evict first?
We'll see what they say in four days.

Now they're taking dirty dishes upstairs, what are we going to do with them?
I'll tell you, we won't help them if the house gets infested by bugs.

Pretty uneventful day.
8:10 pm Srikumar is getting ready to sleep.
Mekhi is finally looking for allies. Is he having any luck?

Isabella is going to talk to Adelyn but she just ignored her and went to sleep. Mekhi gets up for a minute and Christine takes his bed. Conflict begins between the housemates. Who will be evicted in five days?

Jaime is going for a midnight sleep before bed after plotting with Isabella.
2:30 am This is it for us today, we leave Mekhi and Srikumar enjoying the house while everybody else sleeps.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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