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Saturday, December 20, 2014

BB - Day Five

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Day five

3:30 am We're back early on day five with Jaime watching TV. They really love watching the cooking channel.

Of course the first thing Blair, our foodie housemate does is eat, even at four in the morning.

The reason everybody gets up in the middle of the night is because they're hungry. Take away their normal activities for a few days and they won't be able to tell night from day.

Christine is feeling comfortable enough around them to share her feelings.
While the guys talk about... cooking?

Isabella telling Christine she likes her, does that mean she won't vote for her in two days or is it part of her strategy now that eviction day is coming as week one comes to an end?

There is more interaction between them now that eviction day is close.
They even gather inside the bathroom to make sure their place in the house is secured.

Isabella's strategy is working, Christine now replies her admiration.

Now they broke the computer! Seriously, this competition is going to cost us a lot of money.
If that gets her to read a book, maybe we'll leave it like that for a little while.

We end this day with Srikumar having a midnight meal, Christine watching finally a new channel and Mekhi swimming.

You can find the full set of screenshots here

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