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Monday, December 22, 2014

ISOA Secret Project

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Secret project

Max had self published his first book; Orbiting Antar. It was a big step for them, their story was going off to the world as fiction through a pen name; Rob Roy. He had thought about the name a lot, he couldn't expose himself even if they thought they were free; you could never be too sure. They had said this place was open to aliens but things still seemed odd so he thought it best to keep things to themselves for now. As he started thinking of names he remembered the trip they took to Vegas back in high school with everyone before things got complicated. Michael had given them new ID's and Max's name had been Rob Roy.
He knew self publishing the children's story wouldn't give him a lot of money but it was recommended since it was his first. He hoped kids would like it, he had read it to Zan and he was very excited his story was in form of a book.
He'd have to go look for a publisher soon.

Finally his package had arrived. Max called Liz to give her good news about their secret project, it was going to take them some time to build the rocket. He figured it wouldn't be a problem because he had heard there were astronauts in town and people wouldn't think of it as odd if they had one in their house.
But they'd need the time to research first.
   "I'm going to start studying the sky and get some prints for you." When they were going out in high school, Liz had sometimes had flashes from Max while they kissed. These had been of Max's home planet and its surroundings, that would definitely help her know what to look for.

Later that night Liz realized it was getting close to Christmas.
   "Don't you think we should start getting some Christmas decorations soon? It's almost December and it's our first Christmas together. I know you don't really believe in that but maybe Zan will like it."
   "Won't that take time from our project? I also have to write another book and talk to a publisher. I think I might have found one, I just have to get an appointment with him. We have so many things to do, I don't know if it's the right time."
Liz knew Max had made his decision, she'd have to think of another way to get Max to agree with them.

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