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Friday, December 26, 2014

ISOA Surprise guests

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Surprise Guests

     "Zan, I'm baking cookies. Come on down, I want to talk to you.
"I called Jesse and he'll be here in a couple of hours. Michael and Maria are also coming and they're bringing your baby cousin."
     "Everyone is coming? When will Mom and Dad get here? Weren't they supposed to be here already?"
     "Yes, something came up but they'll be here tonight.
"Oh and Zan, they still don't know so let's keep it a surprise. Ok?"

Isabel had been cooking all day for their dinner later that night. The first guest that arrived was her husband Jesse. Five years earlier, they had to say goodbye to each other because it was too dangerous for all of them and they were moving out of Roswell. Jesse had just gotten a promotion and it wasn't fair for him to lose everything to run away with them. Now that things were safe, or at least they hoped they were, she had found him again.
     "Uncle Jesse, are you also an alien?"
     "No Zan, I'm human like half of your aunts and uncles."

     "Michael, I'm so happy you came.
"Congratulations! Your baby is so cute."

     "Where's Kyle?"
     "I just talked to him last week, he met someone and it's getting serious. I'm sure we'll meet her soon."

     "Thanks for helping, the turkey is almost ready."
     "It's ok, Michael can take care of the baby.
"Doesn't Zan remind you of Tess? Sometimes I feel like he talks just like her."
     "A little, but I try not to think of it too much, he is also a lot like Max when he was a kid."

Max and Liz were back from Plum Day but the house looked completely different.
     "Liz, is this our house?
"We're home!
"Is this a party? I hear too many voices..."
     "Dad! You're back!"
     "Maria! I can't believe you're here."
     "Hey Michael! So, you're a dad now! Welcome to the club."
     "Zan, did you have a great time?"
     "Michael, he looks just like you!"
     "That is a very nice crib, we should get one like that. So small and easy to move."
     "When I saw it, I told Michael we had to have it. It was perfect for this trip. We could get you one as a present for the baby."

     "We went to a party on our trip and there was this device, it looked like some sort of holographic display, there was an image of a galaxy. We couldn't really study it because we were not alone but I think it could help us."
     "Maxwell, did they notice you looking at it? Why did they have that there, you could have brought them right to us, what if they're back?"
     "Relax Michael. They don't know anything. We'll have to find one of those devices."
     "I thought you said you were safe now, that no one had followed you and you decided to live separately just to make sure."
     "We are safe, but we still have to be careful."

     "Come on guys, dinner is ready."

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