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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ISOA A Christmas Tree Diagram

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A Christmas Tree Diagram

While Max and Liz were having fun during Plum Day, Isabel was taking care of Zan.
     "Aunt Isabel, can we go to the park?"

     "Look at the big snowman! I didn't know they were decorating the park."
     "Can we go play on the ship now?"

     "Why doesn't it snow? All the snowmen are fake."
     "I haven't been here long but don't give up hope. There was one time in Roswell, your dad had saved some little kids in the hospital and after seeing one of the parents spending time with his now healthy daughter, he decided to join us later that night for midnight services. We hadn't had snow that year and we didn't think we would. Before the night was over, it started snowing.
"Let's go home."

     "Why haven't you decorated for Christmas yet?"
     "Dad said they were too busy to do that."
     "Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Besides, it's probably better if I do it, he could never get the Christmas tree right, not even with my diagram in hand. But first, I have something for you."

     "Thanks aunt Isabel! Can I show Mom and Dad what you got me?"

     "Do you want to help me decorate the house? We can go shopping for a tree and some lights."
     "But where would we put it? A tree will be too big for the house."
     "We can move some stuff around. The tree would look great in the corner, we just have to move the TV a little to the right along with the table and the couch. You'll even be able to see the tree from outside. It's the perfect place. Come help me."

Zan and Isabel spent all afternoon getting the living room ready for the tree.
     "Is this where the tree will go? When are we going to go get it? Can we go now?"
     "No, it's too late and it's time for bed but we'll go tomorrow morning and decorate the house when we come back."
     "Can you read me a story before I go to sleep?"

     "Good night Zan. I'm going to go call your dad now, he's been texting me all day."

     "Max, everything is fine. I'm not a child, I can take care of Zan. I'll talk to you when you come back. Yes, I'll let you know if something happens.
"Bye now."

The next morning Zan got up very early; he was so excited he could barely sleep.
     "Aunt Isabel, I made you a drawing! Do you like it?"
     "Thanks Zan, it's very pretty. I'll hang it here while I'm staying and then I can take it home.
"Let's go have breakfast so we can go buy the tree."

     "I'm going to get the biggest tree, it's going to be green and we're going to buy a lot of ornaments to add to it."
     "Eat your breakfast so you can go take a shower and be ready to go."

Liz's idea had worked. She had found the plum party and figured if they went, Isabel could watch Zan and decorate the house. Max should have known Isabel would do that. After all, Michael did call her the Christmas Nazi.

     "Thanks for all the Christmas presents you got me."
     "You're welcome. Let's say it's a present for every year I wasn't with you.
"Let's go put the snowman outside by the door."

"We'll show your parents later."
     "The house looks great. Do you think Dad will be mad?"
     "No, he'll be ok with it. Don't worry.
"Are you ready for dinner?"

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